About the card

A credit card is a type of payment card that enables its holder to make non-cash transactions and cash withdrawals up to the credit limit granted by the bank, and to repay the debt at a later date. You can have several credit cards linked to the same limit.

If you need capital to pay for the expenses of your business, we will award you a joint spending limit based on your creditworthiness, that you will be able to share among the credit cards you would like to get for yourself and your employees. With your Millennium credit card, you can make both cash and non-cash transactions at home and abroad, and pay for goods and services online. Such a form of financing your expenses and the fact that you may include the interest and fees in your corporate costs provides you an actual tax reduction over the life of the credit.

Benefits of Millennium Visa Business credit card:

  • you can use the grace period for card repayment up to 51 days,
  • you decide how much of your debt to pay in a given month, we require a minimum repayment of 5%,
  • at any moment, you can have full information about your card account and the transactions made -  via Millenet and TeleMillennium services, at ATMs, through MilleSMS service or on the monthly statement of account,
  • we offer attractive Safety Package consisting of SMS notifications service on transactions made by card and “Ochrona Karty” (Card Protection) insurance pack, including mainly insurance against unauthorised card use,
  • use the Easy Instalments programme to repay selected card transactions in 6, 9, 12 or 24 equal monthly instalments,
  • highest available safety level for online card transactions thanks to the 3D-Secure service.

Inspirations programme

Paying with a Millennium cards in stores as well as various service outlets you can enjoy attractive rebates. Currently there are close to 1000 merchants who will give you the rebate!


Annual or monthly fees 
Annual fee for card usage PLN 75
Monthly fee for Safety Package service PLN 3,99 
Fee for cash withdrawal 3% min. PLN 7 

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