Why Bank Millennium app?

Make your everyday banking easier and quicker with our free-of-charge app. Gain 24/7 access to your funds and better control over your money. When is mobile app particularly handy?

When you don't have any cash with you
Using the app you can pay in stores, make ATM withdrawals and shop online. More

When you want to make a quick transfer
You don't have to know the recipient's account number as transfer can be sent also to mobile number. More

When you want to check your account balance
Make an instant account or credit card balance enquiry and see available funds even before logging in.

When you want to gain access to special offers
Term deposits with exceptional interest rates are available only to mobile app users.

Download app

To download our free app, click on the store icon, scan the QR code on the right or go to www.bankmillennium.pl/mb

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How to activate app?

Activation is needed to securely link your account with your phone. Launch the app and it will smoothly guide you through the activation process. It only takes a few moments.


Sign in to the app
Launch the downloaded app. Enter your MilleKod and single-use SMS P@ssword. Next, type in selected characters of your identifier, e.g. of PESEL.

Set PIN and Mobile Password
Define a 4-digit PIN you'll use to log in to the app, as well as a 8-digit Mobile Password to authorize transactions (e.g. transfers).

Go mobile!
Now you can adjust the app to your needs - set your own background or functions available before logging in.


Sign in to the app
Launch the downloaded app. Enter your MilleKod and single-use SMS P@ssword. Next, type in selected characters of your identifier, e.g. of PESEL.


Set PIN and Mobile Password
Define a 4-digit PIN you'll use to log in to the app, as well as a 8-digit Mobile Password to authorize transactions (e.g. transfers).


Go mobile!
Now you can adjust the app to your needs - set your own background or functions available before logging in.


We're constantly updating and improving our app. Discover its unique functions and see all available options.

  • Phone top-up

    Phone top-up

    Top up any prepaid mobile number with almost any amount in just a few clicks.

  • Mobile contactless payments

    Mobile contactless payments

    Activate a virtual card for free and conveniently pay contactless with your phone.

  • Car insurance

    Car insurance

    Buy customized policy and divide the premium into monthly instalments with no extra cost.

  • Augmented reality

    Augmented reality

    Set up a Mobile Deposit using augmented reality and gain exceptional interest rate.

  • Tickets and parking fares

    Tickets and parking fares

    No need for TVM or parking meters. Buy transport tickets and pay for parking in the app.

  • Fingerprint login

    Fingerprint login

    Your phone has a fingerprint sensor? Log in with a touch of a finger - no PIN required.

  • Mobile safe box

    Mobile safe box

    No need to keep all your loyalty cards in a wallet. Store their photos in the app instead.

  • Smartwatch


    Sync the app with your smartwatch to enjoy basic functionalities of the app on your wrist.

Available functions:

Detailed information on specific products is available on dedicated webistes.

  • Accounts and payments

    • Balance account, history and details
    • Attaching documents (e.g. photos of receipts and warranties) to transactions, tagging and adding descriptions to transactions
    • Transfers between own accounts, domestic, instant, to e-mail/phone number and QR code transfers
    • Transfers to ZUS, as well as transfers to tax and customs offices
    • Generating QR codes for transfers
    • Phone top-ups
    • Defining and editing beneficiaries
    • Applying for overdraft and overdraft increase (available as a special offer)
    • Sending account number via e-mail, SMS, social media etc.
    • Downloading and sending PDF files with transaction confirmation
    • Repeating transfers
    • Return transfer
    • Upcoming payments list

  • Cards (debit, credit, prepaid, virtual)

    • Credit and prepaid cards history
    • Repaying credit cards
    • Transfers from credit cards
    • Topping up prepaid cards
    • Increasing credit card limit (available as a special offer)
    • Activation/blocking cards
    • Defining/changing PIN code
    • Changing transaction limits
    • Blocking cards outside EU
    • Authorization of card payments made via Internet using 3D Secure in mobile application
    • Splitting credit card purchases into Easy Instalments
    • Creating virtual cards for mobile contactless payments

  • Deposits

    • Opening a deposit, also as part of Happy Hours special offer
    • Opening Mobile Deposit, available only to app users
    • Deposit redemption

  • Loans

    • Details, repayment plan and credit history
    • Taking new loans (available as a special offer)
    • Opening current account overdraft (available as a special offer)

  • Investments

    • Viewing the details and history of transactions and orders of investment products: Investment Funds, Regular Savings Plans and Investment and Insurance Programs

  • BLIK mobile payments

    • Payments in traditional and online shops/li>
    • Withdrawals from ATMs
    • Deposits in Cash Deposit Machines
    • Checks
    • Shopping without code
    • BLIK mobile transfer

  • Other

    • Log in with your fingerprint
    • Augmented reality – grab the best offers
    • 3D Touch feature support for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or higher
    • Application for smartwatches with Android Wear and Apple Watch, Samsung Gear 2, Sony SW 2
    • Widgets with account and card balance, BLIK codes, public transportation tickets/ parking fees, and access to loyalty cards
    • Bank branches and ATMs map
    • Bank contact list
    • Exchange rates
    • App desktop customization
    • Finance Manager
    • Storing loyalty cards
    • Transactional notifications (e.g. on incoming transfers, reminder to repay credit card)
    • Available in both Polish and English 
    • Possibility to buy car insurance
    • Possibility to buy transportation tickets and pay parking fees
    • Prepaid SIM card registration
    • Inbox for contact with Bank, integrated with internet banking inbox
    • Direct call to consultant (without the need to provide additional identification)
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App security and permissions

App security

  • App security features, which guarantee security of banking products and services

    • Access to the application is protected with a personal 4-digit PIN code,
    • After 3 failed attempts the PIN code is blocked, which protects you against attempts to break it. New PIN code can be set in Millenet,
    • Your account's data are not stored in device's memory which improves its security in case of loss of a device,
    • Mobile application is safe from phishing attacks in which bank's fake website is presented to user in order to obtain login credentials,
    • Domestic transfers and mobile top-ups performed via the application must be confirmed with the Mobile Password which can be defined and changed only in Millenet. If the beneficiary is defined as trusted (you can define it in Millenet) there is no confirmation with Mobile Password,
    • After 3 failed attempts the Mobile Password is blocked and can be reset only in Millenet,
    • The application automatically locks after a few minutes of being idle. Idle time is set by user. To unlock the application again user has to enter the PIN code,
    • Communication between the application and the Bank is encrypted,
    • The amount of transactions submitted via mobile application is limited daily to a maximum of 10 000 PLN (the limit applies to domestic transfers, instant transfers and mobile top-ups). Mobile Limit can be changed in Millenet > Profile > Security Settings > Edit Mobile limit.

  • Rules, which we recommend following to raise application security

    • Do not disclose your application PIN code or Mobile Password to anybody, protect your PIN code while entering it to mobile application,
    • Do not store your PIN code or Mobile Password anywhere in your device,
    • Make sure that your PIN code is not easy to guess. Avoid simple combinations e.g. same digits (1111) or sequences (1234, 2580),
    • Lock your device with PIN code. Your application PIN code should be different from the PIN code that you use for the device,
    • Remember, the bank does not ask you to provide full Mobile Password,
    • Your Mobile Password should be different from your P@ssword1 and should be difficult to guess,
    • If you lose a device with the application installed, deactivate that device on Millenet. In case you do not have access to internet, call TeleMillennium and request blocking the Mobile Banking channel,
    • If you use an Apple device, make sure that when you synchronize it with iTunes the option „Encrypt your iPhone/iPad/iPod" is active and the password is set,
    • Take care of your device's security using latest antivirus software and firewall and updating operating system,
    • Do not install any applications from unknown sources – applications should be downloaded only from official mobile applications stores (e.g. Google Play, App Store, Windows Store),
    • Avoid opening MMS messages and e-mail attachments from unknown senders,
    • Do not use mobile application using connection with public Wi-Fi networks,
    • Avoid giving access to your device to other people, do not leave it unattended in places where someone else is able to access your device,
    • If you are selling or giving away your mobile device to someone, remember to deactivate the application on this device before,
    • Do not perform rooting (Android) or jailbreaking (iOS) of devices on which you want to use mobile application. As it allows you to install applications from unauthorized sources, it increases the probability of infecting your device with harmful software,
    • Switch off Bluetooth when you do not use it.

App permissions

  • Android

    Permission Needed for
    Identity, read Google service configuration
    Find accounts on the device
    Sending push notifications (e.g. transactional notifications) to users.
    Read and edit contact data

    - Importing e-mail address/ phone number from contacts to make a money transfers to e-mail adress/ phone number or to send transaction confirmations

    - Adding emergency number to contacts (e.g. as part of car insurance purchase process)

    Approximate (network-based) location, precise (GPS) location.

    - Obtaining device location in order to determine the nearest ATMs or Bank branches.

    - Adding location to transaction history

    Photos / Media / Files
    Uses: files on the device, such as images, videos or audio; device’s external storage

    - Choosing a background from user’s gallery

    - Saving data in device memory e.g. PDF statements, PDF transaction confirmations.

    Camera, control flashlight
    Take pictures and videos

    - Scanning QR codes in „Scan & Pay";

    - Adding loyalty cards.

    - Possibility to add photos, e.g. of a receipt, to transaction history

    Wi–Fi connection information,
    view network connections
    For security reasons.
    Pair with Bluetooth devices
    Access to Bluetooth settings
    Installing an application on smartwatch.
    Share application data, transferring data via framework, full network access Communication between the application and the Bank servers.
    Control vibrations, disable the screen lock, prevent phone from sleeping BLIK payments confirmation.
    Control NFC Making mobile contactless payments (HCE).
    Direct phone number dial Calling directly from the mobile app (e.g. to contact bank consultant).
    Use fingerprint scanner Logging in and authorizing transactions with fingerprint.

    To use the application users of devices with Android 5.x or older need to accept permissions before the installation process. The above Android versions do not enable to change permissions selectively.

    In devices with Android 6.0 or newer the app will ask the user to grant permissions to selected services during the first use. Permissions can be managed in Settings > Application manager > Permissions. The access path may vary depending on the Android version.

  • iOS

    Permission Needed for
    Location Services Obtaining device location in order to determine the nearest ATMs or Bank branches.
    Photos Import photos in the options: scan and pay, loyalty cards, background settings
    Contacts Permits selecting the e-mail address/phone number from the list of contacts to make an e-mail/phone number transfer or for sending transaction confirmations.
    Notifications Allows sending push notifications to user.
    Background App Refresh Allows receiving push notifications by user.
    Camera Allows user to scan QR code in Scan and Pay functionality, take loyalty cards photos.

    The app will ask for your consent to use the location service the first time you use the Locations function and contacts when using the e-mail/phone transfer options for the first time. Other rights are granted as default.

    Each of the rights may be deactivated by going to Settings and then to: Messages or General > Refresh in Background or Privacy > Location Services / Contacts / Photographs; however this will cause loss of functions of the app connected with the right.

Frequently asked questions

  • Application – key topics

    What is the mobile application?

    The mobile application is special software installed in a mobile device, permitting access to bank accounts and use of bank services.

    How much does the mobile application cost?

    Downloading and using the Bank Millennium mobile application is free of charge. However you need to remember that the application connects with the internet. Check what fees are charged by your mobile network operator for data transfer.

    On what devices can I install the Bank Millennium mobile application?

    The application is available for mobile devices with Android systems (version 4.0 or higher) and iOS (version 9.0 or higher).

    Where can the Bank Millennium mobile application be downloaded?

    Click here to find out how to download and install the app in your device.

    On how many devices simultaneously can I activate the application?

    The application can be active on five devices at the same time. If you have the app active on five devices and you want to activate it on another device, first deactivate one of the devices by Millenet.

    Where can I get information on what devices the application has been activated?

    Log on to the Millenet system and select the menu bar option: Mobile Banking > My Devices.

  • Identifiers – MilleKod, Mobile Password, PIN, SMS P@sswords

    What is MilleKod and what is it for?

    MilleKod is an 8-digit number needed to log on to the Millenet system. You were given Millekod in your agreement when setting up your account.

    What is the Mobile Password and what is it for?

    Mobile Password is an 8-digit password for activating the application on the mobile device and also for confirming transactions ordered through the mobile application. By authorising with the Mobile Password, your transactions are safer.

    How to get the Mobile Password?

    The mobile password is defined at the first activation of the mobile application. It may also be defined when activating mobile banking services through the Millenet system (option in the menu: Mobile Banking > Activation/Settings).

    How to change/recover a forgotten or blocked Mobile Password?

    If you forget or block your Mobile Password, change it in Millenet. The Mobile Password can be changed in the menu option: Mobile Banking > Activation/Settings.

    What is the PIN number?

    The PIN number is an individual 4-digit number, which permits access to the mobile application. The PIN number is defined during activation of the application on a mobile device and is used as the password whenever logging on to the application.

    Can I change the PIN number?

    Yes, the PIN number can be changed in the option: Settings > PIN number change.

    The PIN number can also be changed in Millenet in the menu option: Mobile Banking > My Devices > PIN change.

    I do not remember the PIN number. What to do?

    Use the "Recover PIN Number" option in the application. You will be redirected to Millenet to Mobile Banking > My Devices > PIN change.

    What are the SMS P@sswords?

    SMS P@sswords are single-use codes sent by text to the mobile phone number defined for the service. SMS P@sswords are used for confirming transactions in the Millenet internet banking system and are essential in the process of activating the mobile application.

    How to activate SMS P@sswords?

    Activation of SMS P@sswords involves defining the mobile phone number in the Bank's system. New Customers of the Bank may activate the card already during the first visit in a branch, when signing the new agreement.

    Current Customers of the Bank may perform activation on the phone:

    • call 801 24 HELP (801 24 4357) or +48 22 598 40 50 (mobile and international calls),
    • select option 2,
    • enter the 8-digit MilleKod,
    • enter the 8-digit P@ssword1,
    • you will be put on line with an operator.

    It is also possible to activate SMS P@sswords with use of P@ssword2 downloaded from an ATM:

    • print out P@ssword 2 from a Millennium ATM using any Bank Millennium credit or debit card (selecting the option Electronic Banking Channels>Printout of P@ssword 2),
    • after logging on to Millenet the system will ask you to define the mobile phone number, to which SMS P@sswords will be sent,
    • after confirming the number you will get a text with the SMS P@ssword, which must be entered in Millenet,
    • at the end of the activation the system will require providing selected characters from the P@ssword 2, printed out from an ATM.

  • Blockage/deactivation of the application

    Access to the application has been blocked. What should I do?

    Access to the application will be blocked if you made three attempts to give a wrong PIN number. To unlock use the option "Recover PIN Number" in the application.

    My Mobile Password was blocked. What should I do?

    The Mobile Password will be blocked if you made three attempts to give an incorrect one. Unlock the Mobile Password by changing it in Millenet in the menu option: Mobile Banking -> Activation/Settings.

    I lost a device with the installed application. What should I do?

    In case of loss of a device with the application installed, log on to the Millenet system and deactivate the device. It is also possible to completely block access to the accounts by mobile banking channels. For this purpose call TeleMillennium (801 331 331) and ask for this channel to be blocked.

    How to deactivate a device?

    Log on to the Millenet system and select the option: Mobile Banking > My Devices and then go to device details and deactivate it.

  • Other – application version, limits, widgets, QR codes, languages, errors

    How can I check which application version is installed in my device?

    You can check the number of the application version installed in your device in the mobile app itself, in the option: “Find us” before login (the version number is shown at the bottom of the screen).

    What is the daily limit of transactions made with the mobile application?

    The maximum daily Mobile Limit of transactions done through the mobile application is PLN 10,000 and covers such transactions as: local and instant transfers and mobile phone top-ups.

    Can I change the daily limit for the mobile application?

    Yes. You can edit the Mobile Limit in Millenet: My Settings > Security Settings > Edit.

    The Application cannot come online and is only available offline. What should I do?

    Check if you can get an internet connection (e.g. try to open any website in the phone's browser). If your device is connected to the internet and the problem persist, report it using the message box, which is available after logging on to Millenet.

    What is the widget before logging on and what purpose does it serve?

    Thanks to the widget you can see the balance of selected products (accounts or cards) before logging on. The balance can be displayed as the balance amount or the percentage of a defined amount. You can define up to 5 widgets and manage them in the application options: More > Settings > Widgets before log on.

    What is a QR code?

    QR code is the graphic record of information in the form of black and white squares. QR code can be scanned with use of a mobile phone with a digital camera and an appropriate app, thus information contained in it is read by the device. QR codes are printed on bills and invoices from many companies, which facilitates payment.

    How to use the QR code payment option?

    To make a payment, from the mobile application, select the option Transactions > Scan and Pay > Scan Code. After scanning the code the payment data will be automatically uploaded. Check if the payment data are correct and confirm the transfer.

    How does the "Ask for Transfer" option work?

    The "Ask for Transfer" option is used for generating QR code, which you can then send to the person who is to send you a transfer. The code will contain information about your account number and the amount you want to receive. The code recipient will have the payment process made easier because after scanning the code the payment data will be uploaded automatically. This option is in the mobile application under the Transactions bookmark.

    What happens if i forget to log out from the app?

    The session will expire automatically. By default the application will sign off after 5 minutes without activity. In the Application Settings you can alter the time, after which the application will be automatically signed off. To do this go to the option: More > Auto sign off.

    In what language versions is the application available and where can the language be changed?

    The application is available in Polish and in English. The language of the application can be changed directly in the application in the option More > Settings > Language.

    I found an error in the application. Where can I report it?

    If you want to report an error or share your feedback with us, please send a message to kontakt@bankmillennium.pl or via the messaging box in Millenet or mobile app.