eBOK Millennium Leasing

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Benefits of eBOK Millennium Leasing

eBOK Millennium Leasing ensures convenient and secure service and access to agreements, invoices, lease payments as well as insurance:

  • Control and settle electronic leasing invoices

    Display the list of invoices in a simple way, check their status and download the selected number of invoices.

  • Manage leasing contracts

    Check the list of contracts and their statuses, date of conclusion and end, leased assets as well as schedules of lease payments.

  • Manage leased asset insurance

    Get convenient access to information on dates of validity of insurance together with alerts on approaching policy expiry dates and also to data on the insurers, type of insurance and policy number.

  • Control your lease costs

    Thanks to a well structured list of all your lease payments check what expenses your business will have in the period specified. Use the advanced search engine with filter settings by dates and available statuses.

  • Submit applications for your leases online

    Take advantage of the electronic applications and manage cases concerning your leases. You can view a list of all your matters and check their status at any time.

  • Set up SMS notifications

    Get current information about the issuing of a new invoice or a reminder about upcoming payment date.

User Guide

User Guide

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