About the account

Biznes Online Account is dedicated to the self-employed who appreciate convenient service through Internet and mobile application for phones or tablets and prefer non-cash service.

Benefits of Biznes Online Account:

  • PLN 0 for account maintenance if total external inflows to the account in previous month were at least PLN 2 000,
  • PLN 0 for using the Millennium Visa Executive Electron debit card if non-cash transactions made with the card in previous month were at least PLN 300, 
  • PLN 0 for online transfers to Social Security Institution (ZUS) and Tax Office,
  • PLN 0 for FX account opened through Millenet,
  • PLN 0 for cash withdrawals from Bank Millennium's ATMs,
  • PLN 1 for online domestic transfers in PLN to accounts in other banks,
  • PLN 0 for access to the account through Millenet online banking system and mobile banking.

Offer details in Price list and Regulations.

Funds on Biznes Online Account are guaranteed by BFG, pursuant to the Banking Guarantee Fund Act.

Additional services

You have access to additional services linked with the Biznes Online Account:

  • non-cash payments for goods and services with credit card (Millennium Visa Business) and debit card (Millennium Visa Executive Electron),
  • Biznes deposits with attractive interest rate and the Premia Online Biznes savings account opened through Millenet,
  • closed deposits, 
  • car collection withdrawals and deposits,
  • night safe deposits,
  • AIPP automatic identification of incoming payments.

Additional services require separate agreements. For further details please contact Bank branch.

Biznes Line

Our Consultants will provide you with detailed information and perform your orders.

801 31 31 31
line available for fixed-line and mobile calls

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