Almost 20 volunteers – Bank Millennium employees with their families and friends visited the construction site of a refuge for puppies and disabled animals - Judytowo.

Judytowo was created upon the initiative of Judyta Puppies Foundation, which takes care of abandoned, sick, disabled, harmed puppies and puppies injured in accidents. The Foundation treats the animals and prepares them for adoption, and finds new homes for them. The goal of the project pursued by the bank volunteers was to assist in building the first shelter of this type in Poland. With the grant received from the Bank Millennium Foundation an enclosure for the animals was set up, and equipment to trim the green area and five bactericidal lamps for the accommodations of dog mothers and their puppies were purchased.

Thanks to the Bank Millennium Foundation we were able to support Judyta Foundation in construction of the refuge for puppies and disabled dogs. As the only one in Poland, Judyta Foundation takes care of homeless dog mothers with puppies which otherwise would stand no chance for good life. With our own eyes we could see every-day life of people who have utterly dedicated themselves to their cause. We confirmed our conviction that it is a heavy and altruistic effort. Helping people of such great heart was a sheer pleasure. Despite the swelter everybody worked with a smile on their faces. The best reward for us was the sight of the wet noses and wagging tails. We feel that we have created for the dogs at least a substitute of a good house and thus a chance for life and for finding their own family. – concluded one of the participants of the volunteer action.

The action was held as part of the grant competition of Bank Millennium Foundation, in which employees of the Bank enter their ideas for community actions. So far, more than 300 volunteers, who implemented programmes for a few thousand beneficiaries, took part in the volunteer actions organised with support of the Bank Millennium Foundation.

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