Financial ABC

A project developed with kids in mind.
The program is carried out under the patronage of the Ministry of Finance 2022.

About project

In 2016 according to the OECD financial literacy survey Poland came last among 30 countries. Poles have not only limited knowledge of finance, but most of all, shortages in the area of long-term financial planning and financial behaviour. Behaviours and attitudes need to be taught from an early age, thus “Financial ABCs” - the main educational program of Bank Millennium Foundation - is targeted at young children.

The original program of financial education for preschoolers, launched in 2016, is prepared and implemented by the bank's employees in cooperation with a non-governmental organization. Its aim is to explain to the youngest the basic concepts of finance through play.

The program is carried out under the patronage of the Ministry of Finance 2022.

Right from the very start of their pre-school education, each and every child should go through staged preparation for understanding and exploring the world of finance

In a joint effort with Verba Foundation, Bank Millennium Foundation decided to address this need and organise a series of free educational workshops, as part of „Financial ABC” project. The „Financial ABC” project started in September 2016 and next editions has been continued till now.

From the beginning of the program to the end of 2022, over 2,700 workshops were organized and 68,000 children were trained in kindergartens across Poland.

In 2022, during the Financial ABC workshops in kindergartens, focused on cybersecurity and banking technologies. By the end of 2022, the Foundation organized nearly 400 workshops in 118 kindergartens for about 10,000 children.
Special educational materials in the form of books were put together for the program whose main character is Sebastian. There are also booklets for coloring and stickers. Parents – Bank Millennium employees helped create these materials. The booklets will also be available in children’s corners in the Bank’s branches.

During meetings in kindergartens, we try to explain to the youngest the nature of money and the principles of saving that will make it easier for them to start their adult life, so that in the future they can wisely dispose of their expenses. Moreover, the workshops promote the attitude of openness, charity, activity and creativity.

Main objectives of the project:

  • Response to the question about the origin and purpose of money

  • Value of money concept

  • Developing awareness of different forms of money

  • Developing saving and planning habits

  • Making children aware of the difference between need and wants

  • Taking purchase decisions

About workshops

The Workshops’ mission is to:

  • wake up the children’s interest in the world of finance
  • promote the idea of enterprise spirit among children
  • propagate broadly understood mathematical and economical education
  • develop positive social attitudes to financial issues
  • provide children equal educational opportunities through supporting their curiosity, activity and autonomous decisions
  • develop knowledge about the surrounding social, natural and technical world
  • develop the teamwork skills
  • stimulate imagination

Already in 2011, finance experts and academia appealed to the ministers of education and science and higher education to review and modify the teaching syllabuses with impact on the financial awareness of the young, because – according to the report of the Warsaw School of Economics – the financial awareness of Poles is lower than that of other nations. It has been also confirmed by other studies which have, inter alia, discovered that a broad group of Poles cannot tell the difference between a credit card and an ATM card, claiming that economics is boring – says prof. Andrzej Cwynar, dyrektor of the Institute for Financial Research and Analyses at University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów.

Financial intelligence specialists claim that the school and all the formal education develop merely a narrow range of skills and types of intelligence, such as logical and mathematical intelligence and verbal intelligence. However, they completely neglect other types of intelligence and development of practical skills which we later miss in our adult life.

Furthermore, increasingly more parents have been grappling with the problem of numerous requests of children for purchase of yet another toy, gadget and satisfaction of other wants. Children usually have one point: „because Johnny has it”. Parents become helpless in the face of rebellion, dissatisfaction and frustration of their children at the moment when their whims are not satisfied. And financial education for the youngest is just the response to such situation. Specialists agree that through fun we can present to our children the relation between work, money and expenditure.

We believe that „Financial ABC” project addresses these needs.

Entries and deadlines

A kindergarten may enter the workshop by:

  • contacting Volunteer of the Bank Millennium Foundation
  • filling out the Entry Form and emailing its scan to the box
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In 2019, the Financial ABC ranked 1st in the "Złoty Bankier" competition in the "Socially Sensitive Bank" category.