Investments of printing companies

Author: Written by Katarzyna Milej, the Product Management Department Director, Millennium Leasing.

Investments made by printing companies and packaging manufacturers should be characterised by innovativeness. As a result of the production processes requirements and market expectations, in this sector production processes optimization has a big importance, and this is connected with a necessity of modernization of the held fixed assets and continuous monitoring of the appearing new technological solutions.

Innovativeness of this sector is proven by the fact that the selected technologies of manufacturing the packages were included in the list of the national intelligent specializations indicated by the Ministry of Economy as the areas helping in raising and improving the innovativeness of the Polish economy. Among them there are, for instance, innovative packaging technologies extending a shelf life and allowing us to keep a high quality of food or to monitor a quality of food by applying active and intelligent packages.

As there is a specific low level of margins and growing material costs in this industry, the companies of this sector are willing to use the external long-term sources of financing, such as, for example, leasing. Our experience of this year shows that most often the entrepreneurs have financed their purchase of the equipment typical of this business – folding-gluing machines, slitters, re-winders, laminating automatic machines, edge gluers, folders or balers. Most financed machines are investments made by the companies representing small- and medium-scale businesses sector, not exceeding a value of 1 million zlotys. In 2016 the big companies have preferred taking the chance of the revolving leasing limit that guarantees finance at any time, which allows the clients to execute the planned purchases in a specific period, fast acceptance of the unit leasing transactions and machinery delivery in a timely manner.

One of the essential elements of performance of the printing and packaging sector is the use of biodegradable materials and recycling of manufacturing waste. That is why the financial solutions promoting energy savings (for example, Program Leasing Eko Energia) and environmental protection can be an attractive product for this sector.