A safe journey with a prepaid card

Written by: Marta Postek who manages Transaction Banking Department, at Bank Millennium.

Polish transportation industry is an example of the spectacular success of our presence in the European Union. In a short time, it became number 1 of the international transport in Europe, before Spain and Germany. This means that one in every three, four loads is transported by the Polish companies. This success is a real background to introducing different regulations aimed at protecting the local markets from the competition, in particular from Poland – it is about a French Loi Macron, German MiLoG and the others, copied by the successive countries. However, it seems that apart from bureaucratic arduousness and the related costs, the position of Polish companies remain strong. Over the recent years they have built their good reputation, and therefore, they do not have to quote explicitly cheaper their services any more to win orders and long-term contracts. Such a dynamic development also means that the financial sector has to keep up with innovativeness of its proposals. The area where such solutions can be found is a close cooperation of a given bank with a leasing company. Combining the experience of Millennium Leasing, one of the leaders in financing the transportation market and of Bank Millennium – one of the most innovative financial institutions in Poland, we could prepare, for instance, a unique proposal of prepaid cards, offered to the transportation companies, in particular.

The Bank Millennium prepaid card, with significantly lower costs compared to the similar non-banking products, gives a chance to load it, by the head office, in a real time, 24 hours a day, with the amount needed by the driver to cover all unexpected expenses during his stay abroad while handling the order (for example, a fine or payment for a tiny failure). Such a load, without any additional costs of currency conversion, is not only possible in zlotys, but also in euros or British pounds.

Thanks to such a solution the drivers do not have to carry around any cash, which is of a high importance in the situation of the growing problem connected with providing safety to the drivers. The prepaid card, without loading it without money for a specific need, is useless for the prospective thieves.

Our experience shows that the clients introducing the prepaid cards are accepting them very fast. They mainly appreciate the reduction in costs related to the foreign exchange rates and services provided for advances collected on trips, comfort and fast service for their drivers as well as access to the detailed lists of expenses on the Internet or mobile application. On this card we can place a company’s logo, address, NIP (tax ID) number or car plate number, which is a tiny thing, but well-thought improvement for the users. We believe that a secret of our success in joint service offering is to provide sufficiently real values to the customers, and the prepaid card is its best example.

This comment was published on 11th January 2017 in Rzcezpospolita daily