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January 2022

Current Report No. 1/2022

In execution of the Decision of the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission (at present the Polish Financial Supervision Authority), of 3.01.2001, amended with decisions dated 22.05.2001 and 13.01.2004, on granting approval to transfer outside the regulated market 87,594 common bearer shares of Bank Millennium S.A. ("Bank"), obliging the Bank to disclose by announcement in the form of current reports, two times a year i.e. by 31.01 and 31.07, the terms and conditions of the transaction to swap shares of the former BIG BANK S.A. (previously: Łódzki Bank Rozwoju S.A.) into shares of the Bank (previously: BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A.), in connection with the merger of both banks on 5.01.2001, in the half of the year preceding the announcement, The Management Board of the Bank informs that during the period from 1.07.2021 to 31.12.2021 no transfer of Bank's bearers shares took place outside the regulated market onto the shareholders of the former BIG BANK S.A., in exchange for shares of the former BIG BANK S.A.

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