Join the franchisees of Bank Millennium

Find out the advantages of franchising and become our partner

About the franchise

Where do we look for franchisees?

The franchise network comprises almost 250 branches, which operate in carefully selected locations all over Poland. We keep expanding the network, at the same time focusing on its effectiveness. We are now looking for partners in towns starting from 10,000 inhabitants.

Who are we looking for?

The franchise offer in Bank Millennium is targeted at anyone who wants to run their own business. We are open to cooperating with people who have a business already registered or are only planning to do so.

We have been cooperating with franchisees since 2007

We have more than 10 years experience in building a network of franchise branches. The number of our partners has been increasing year-in, year-out and 40% of them operate more than 1 branch.

Standards and requirements

Requirements regarding the premises

  • ground floor with entrance from the street
  • window of at least 2 x 2 m (glazed, no bars)
  • outdoor advertising can be freely displayed
  • renovation of the premises is possible
  • overall good condition of the building
  • exclusive title to the premises

Desirable locations

  • town centre
  • walkway (main walkway in town)
  • car parking – additional strength of the location

Floor space

  • at least 36 sqm of front office
  • the premises with a back office area

Telecom lines

  • a fixed high-capacity line (MPLS 4/4 is recommended) can be connected
  • permanent external IP address with an Ethernet link (without Wi-Fi)
  • a phone line can be connected

Our expectations

Nasze oczekiwania
  • acquiring new Clients
  • advice on banking products and services
  • selling banking products in line with the Client’s needs
  • representing the Bank appropriately in contacts with Clients and observing Customer service standards adopted by Bank
  • complying with legal regulations
  • integrity in relations with the Bank
  • operating exclusively for Bank Millennium S.A.
  • submission of a blank promissory note
  • certificate of no criminal record


Your revenue will depend on several factors.
Check out how to make money and how fast

  • Number of regular Clients

    Revenue grows as the number of regular Clients increases

  • Number of potential Clients

    More potential Clients means potentially higher revenue

  • Number of banking transactions performed

    Deposits, withdrawals and transfers sent by Clients

  • Location of the branch

    A good location is an opportunity to have more Clients

  • Promotional activity

    Active promotion leads to your revenue growth

  • Sales skills and Customer service

    Better sales skills and high service quality result in a higher number of Clients


You can start making money already from the first month in business

We guarantee a fixed amount of remuneration in case of low sales in the initial period of the franchise branch’s operation, at the same time focusing on continuous product development. With a partner branch you can generate an average income from a few to several thousand zloty, depending on the number of Clients acquired and on your personal commitment.

A franchisee’s remuneration comprises:

  • credit and other products - commission
  • deposit products - commission
  • settlement products - part of fees collected from Clients


  • Free training and online courses

  • Organisational support from regional Bank staff

  • Help in choosing the location for a franchise branch

  • Coordination of opening the branch and technical training of staff

  • Advice on organising and conducting promotional actions

  • Product and technical call centre with 24/7 availability plus help from the Franchise Team


  • Low cost

    Opening and running a franchise branch does not require a large expense.

  • Financial security

    We guarantee a fixed amount of remuneration in case of low sales in the first month of operation.

  • Single IT system

    All branches have access to the Bank’s central system and transactions made in it are processed in real time.

  • Stability of cooperation

    We offer cooperation with a stable partner, experienced in building an extensive franchise network.

  • Equal growth opportunities

    All franchise branches are treated on an equal footing, just like the Bank’s own branches.