Market best practice

The Bank maintains active relations with capital market participants and institutions, based on relevant legal regulations and market best practice: principle of openness, equal treatment of all entities and equal access to information.

The Bank abides by the rules inscribed in the „Code of Best Practice for Warsaw Stock Exchange Listed Companies" and publishes information about compliance with these rules as well as comply with the "Rules of Good Banking Practice" specified by the Polish Banks Association.

Regulators and market supervision

The Bank gives priority treatment to matters of cooperation with authorities supervising the individual areas of its activity.

The Bank also contributes to drafting legislation concerning the market, by delegating a group of its experts to work in task forces preparing new regulations.

Corporate communication

The Bank provides equal access to information about Bank Millennium Group to all groups of Stakeholders. Data about the Bank and its financial results are published regularly – in the form of quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports.

Most important events connected with activity of the Bank's Group are also published in the form of current reports or are announced as press releases, at press conferences and conferences for financial market analysts.