Resources management

The Bank manages consumed resources in the sustainable way through:

Resonable management of materials

Reduction of use of materials is supported by introducing limits for ordering plastic and paper materials, monitoring the volume of printed documents, introducing duplex printing, scanning and sending documents in electronic form as well as limiting the number of printed documents delivered to clients.

Re-use of resources allows the Bank to reduce the purchased quantities of furnishings own devices (shredders and bill counters) and consumable materials (e.g. toners, hangers, inking ribbons).

Waste management

Paper, metal, wood, plastic, glass and electronic waste produced in the course of the Bank's operating activity is recycled or utilised by a specialised company with which the Bank has signed a contract. 92% of the waste is recycled.

Monitoring consumption of water, energy and fuels

Based on analyses of water, energy and fuels consumption such reduction actions are taken, as: use of energy-efficient lighting sources, automatic switching-off of lights and advertising panels in the Bank's buildings and introducing a system for monitoring energy consumption for computer infrastructure.

Reduction of fuel consumption is also stimulated by expanding the e-learning training system, which replaced conventional training involving car transport of staff.

Green solutions

The central acquisitions area - uses software, which permits setting quantitative limits for office supplies and verifying demand for purchasing.

HR area - by using the Intranet for communication between individual employees and the HR Department the circulation of almost all paper documents in the HR area was eliminated.

Green IT - introducing eco - friendly technology initiatives, e.g. a system Equitrac for reporting and controlling printing tasks, Verdiem – a system for monitoring energy consumption for computer infrastructure and Right Fax system which allows to operate faxes via e-mail. These solutions allow to significantly reduce energy and office supplies consumption.

Environmentally friendly products and services

Bank Millennium offers to Customers environmentally friendly products and services:

WWF Millennium MasterCard Card

The Bank transfers to WWF Polska half of the annual card fee and a specific percentage of the value of each non-cash card transaction.

"Green" Mutual Funds

Invest in equity securities of companies whose business is connected with the energy sector, health care and protection of the natural environment.

Electronic statements

An electronic statement is assumed as the default option for every new customer opening a current account.

For customers who still receive hard copy statements a special pop-up welcome page has been developed. The page is displayed after the customer logs into the system and allows him/her to select the default option of electronic statements immediately.

Polish sustainable energy financing facility PolSEFF

The programme provides businesses with financing to implement new energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.

Environmental criteria in project finance

Corporate Customers shall not use loan proceeds in any way in connection with activities listed out of the List of Excluded Environmental Activities of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (including production or trade in substances, which destroy the ozone layer or trading in wild fauna and flora and their products) as well as obtain and possess all necessary permits regarding environment protection in connection with conducted business operation.

Educational actions

The Bank's Customers and Staff were encouraged to take part in such environmental events as: "Earth Hour" or "ECCO Walkathon". Also e-learning training is provided to Employees to promote green attitudes in office, at home and in travel.

More information: "Corporate Responsibility" report