Millennium Group for the fourth time distinguished in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality index


Banco Comercial Portugues entered the international Bloomberg Gender-Equality index for the fourth time in a row. In 2023, it achieved its best result so far. It is higher than the results reported by 73% of companies included in the index. The high position of Banco Comercial Portugues was due to data from its three companies: Bank Millennium, Millennium bcp, Millennium Bim.

- At Bank Millennium and the entire Banco Comercial Portugues Group, respect is one of our core values. We support equality and promote diversity and inclusivity. This is a long-term initiative and concerns not only HR policy, but broadly understood organisational culture. We are going in the right direction, our employees also appreciate it. It is thanks to their opinions that Bank Millennium has been honoured several times with the international title of the Financial Times Diversity Leader. The distinction in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality ranking is another proof of our commitment to women's empowerment and gender equality in the workplace - said Magdalena Trzynadlowska, Director of Sustainability Office at Bank Millennium.

Banco Comercial Portugues Group has been included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for its practices actively pursued in the areas of equality as well as diversity and inclusivity. In 2023, the Group achieved its best overall result so far, i.e. 85.34%, compared to 80.76% in 2022, 78.11% in 2021 and 77.79% in 2020. Banco Comercial Portugues Group is one of 484 companies highlighted in the index.

The results are calculated based on the global population of employees of the company. The high position of the Banco Comercial Portugues Group is a joint success of its three companies: Bank Millennium in Poland, Millennium bcp in Portugal and Millennium Bim in Mozambique. Employees of Bank Millennium in Poland account for over 44.6% of all people working in the Group, employees of Millennium bcp and Millennium BIM for 39.6% and 15.7% respectively.

- We create a good working environment for employees regardless of gender, age, religion, nationality, ethnicity, health, political beliefs, sexual orientation and other aspects of diversity. We are a signatory of the Diversity Charter, which is a commitment to counteract discrimination in the workplace. At Bank Millennium, we value the diversity of people working here because it helps us to better understand our clients. We run a number of initiatives aimed at promoting and supporting employee diversity, including gender diversity. In the agenda of our activities for years we have had initiatives devoted to the role of women in business. A few years ago, we started an internal program 3xM(ille) – a project whose mission is to build inspiring networks of women in the organisation. We actively support projects aimed at activating and developing women's leadership. We are aware of how much we can still do in this area, but our presence in the index is a great distinction for us and confirmation that we are heading in the right direction – said Jacek Chmielewski, Director of the HR Department at Bank Millennium.

The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) 2023 is a global ranking. It covers 54 sectors of the economy from 45 countries. It analyses the performance of companies that are committed to ESG transparency. The index measures gender equality in five categories: leadership and talent development, equality and wage parity, inclusive work culture, anti-harassment policy, and brand reputation. Only companies whose score meets or exceeds the globally defined entry threshold are included in the index.