Internal communications

Following tools are used to provide effective communication with Employees:

Community discussion board

Using the "Mille Forum" - an in-house community discussion board, Employees are able to share their experience and opinions on sales and customer service as well as on events in the Bank. Through publications prepared by the Bank's experts, the platform also serves as a repository of practical knowledge about products, service quality, sales techniques and techniques of co-operation with customers.


The service contains information useful in the ongoing work (such as the product offering, basic procedures, economic market information) and current news bulletin.

Corporate monthly

It tracks key events related to the activity of the Bank and the financial markets. The magazine devotes much of its space to employee issues and initiatives, by publishing texts written and photographs taken by employees.

Innovation centre

Enables Employees to submit innovative ideas, which help improve processes within the bank or lead to development of the product offer.

Employee satisfaction surveys

Results of the surveys are the starting point for analysis and preparation of an action plan to enhance Employee satisfaction and motivation in the Group.

Professional development

Employee professional development is supported by:


Delivered largely in e-learning format, permitting development of skills needed in particular positions. Particularly strong training support is offered to new Employees as well as Employees past 45 years of age.

Assessment of competencies

Regular assessment of competencies permits creating a professional development plan as well as the possibility of internal rotation to the unit, in which further professional career is planned.

Recruitment policy

Recruitment opportunities offered on the Intranet site are first of all targeted at current Employees of the Bank, to permit their further professional development.

Employee benefits

Employees are offered several types of benefits:

Health care

Since 2006 Bank Employees are covered by a private health care programme, provided by non-public health care providers.

Additionally, there is a medical practice operating at the Bank Millennium Head Office in Warsaw, offering basic medical care and outpatient assistance. Employee's family and retiring Employees can benefit from the private medical care for an additional monthly fee.

Sports and reacreational activities

Employees are offered subscriptions for sports and recreational activities.


Promotes various types of initiatives among Employees, which are implemented with support from the bank. They take the form of sports, travel, cultural or artistic projects.

Grants and loans

Employees in difficult circumstances are given assistance grants in the form of not-returnable financial aid. Also low-interest rate loans for residential purposes are offered.

More information: "Corporate Responsibility" report