Dialogue with Customers

For the purpose of effective communication with Customers following actions are carried out:

Contact channels

Customers can contact the Bank via many channels: branch network in Poland, telephone and online service as well as mobile banking.

Employees training

Regular training informs the Bank's Employees about standards for Customer contacts, sales and service. It results in improved customer relationship quality.

Customer opinion surveys

Based on their results improvements are made in the structure of the Bank's products and services.

Customer service quality surveys

Carried out regularly in branches, call center and online banking; their results are used for introducing changes to improve Customer service level.

Reliable marketing communication

Marketing messages provide information about Bank`s products and services in a reliable and lucid way.

Advertising communication of Bank Millennium is fully consistent with the Financial Market Code of Best Practice and guidelines of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The Bank also undertook to comply with the Advertising Code of Ethics prepared by the Advertising Council. Complaints concerning marketing messages can be reported through all channels of contacting the Bank.

Complaints management

It involves replying to Customers' complaints and monitoring the Bank's areas, which are the main source of complaints, as well as generating solutions to eliminate them.

Socially responsible products and services

Bank Millennium offers to Customers a number of socially responsible products and services:

WWW Millennium MasterCard Card

The Bank transfers to WWF Polska half of the annual card fee and a specific percentage of the value of each non-cash card transaction.

"Green" mutual funds

Invest in equity securities of companies whose business is connected with the energy sector, health care and protection of the natural environment.

Polish sustainable energy financing facility PolSEFF

The programme provides businesses with financing to implement new energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.

Technology loan

May be granted for a technology project, which involves purchasing or implementing a proprietary new technology, which is not in use worldwide for more than 5 years, as well as launching on its basis the production of new or significantly improved goods, processes of services.

Electronic statements

An electronic statement is assumed as the default option for every new customer opening a current account. Also, a special pop-up welcome page has been developed, which is activated periodically for customers who still receive hard copy statements.The page is displayed after the customer logs into the system and allows him/her to select the default option of electronic statements immediately.

Availability of services for disabled persons

The Bank guarantees access to its products and services to disabled persons by providing:

  • ATMs with facilities for people with impaired vision or movement
  • large text feature on the Bank website
  • Bank's hotline service with the voice command feature during the call
  • service standards applicable to disabled persons
  • facilities in signing agreements
  • facilities in the access to Bank`s branches

More information: "Corporate Responsibility" report.