TeleMillennium stands for comprehensive and efficient Customer service

Call any of the following numbers:

801 331 331 - for fixed-line callers and mobile callers
(+48) 22 598 40 40 - for mobile or international callers

Fees for calls to TeleMillennium:

  • Fixed-line - as for a local call
  • Mobile phone - fee as per price list of the mobile network operator

To ensure comfort in using our products and services TeleMillennium Consultants stand by to assist Customers on a 7/24 basis.

TeleMillennium provides security of the transactions by using a combination of Customer ID (MilleKod) and access password (P@ssword 1).


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows You to find out basic information about products you own in Bank Millennium, with no necessity to contact the operator.

Only Millekod and P@ssword1 is required to log to automatic service system.

The current IVR service supports innovative category selection by using spoken instructions to improve efficiency of service and ease of navigation, complementing standard keyboard selection of appropriate items.

Consultant service

Speaking to a consultant will enable you to get information about our products and services and to order financial transactions involving your banking products.

Information available from TeleMillennium:

  • Bank Millennium product offer,
  • Balances and details of transactions on accounts,
  • Millennium fees and commissions,
  • Interest rates on products,
  • Status of submitted loan applications,
  • Expert advice.

Transactions, which you can order in TeleMillennium:

  • Wire transfer,
  • Setting up, modifying and closing a deposit,
  • Setting up, modifying and cancelling a standing order,
  • Activating and cancelling a card,
  • Applying for a loan product,
  • Unblocking Millenet Passwords ,
  • Submitting opinions, suggestions, praise, complaints.


  • What phone numbers are visible while Bank is calling to Customers?

    The numbers that are visible while conversations are:

    (22) 598 4024
    (22) 598 4040
    (22) 598 4060
    (22) 598 4077
    (22) 598 4973
    (22) 598 4975
    (22) 598 4976
    (22) 598 4977
    (22) 598 4978
    (22) 598 4979
    (22) 598 3973
    (22) 598 3974
    (22) 598 3975
    (22) 598 3976
    (22) 598 3977
    (22) 598 3978

    (22) 237 4024
    (22) 237 4040
    (22) 237 4060
    (22) 237 4077
    (22) 237 4973
    (22) 237 4975
    (22) 237 4976
    (22) 237 4977
    (22) 237 4978
    (22) 237 4979
    (22) 237 3973
    (22) 237 3974
    (22) 237 3975
    (22) 237 3976
    (22) 237 3977
    (22) 237 3978

    519 281 000
    519 284 024
    519 284 040
    519 284 060
    519 284 077
    519 284 973
    519 284 975
    519 284 976
    519 284 977
    519 284 978
    519 284 979
    519 283 973
    519 283 974
    519 283 975
    519 283 976
    519 283 977
    519 283 978

  • How much does it cost to call TeleMillennium at 801 331 331?

    If you call 801 331 331 from a fixed line phone, the cost of the call shall be according to the rates charged by the operator.

  • What information about the account can I check in TeleMillennium?

    In TeleMillennium you can quickly check your balance account. You don't even have to wait for our consultant. Simply call us from the number you use for SMS P@sswords, select 2, enter your MilleKod login and P@ssword 1. You will immediately hear your available amount.

  • What information can I get from the call centre if I am not a customer of Bank Millennium?

    The Bank's call centre can provide information about the Bank's products and services, inform about location of a branch or an ATM, take a credit card application.

  • What is needed to log on to TeleMillennium?

    In case of retail banking (phone No. 801 331 331) the system requires MilleKod and P@ssword1. Business customers (phone No. 801 31 31 31) log on with telekod. Access to TeleMillennium and Millenet should be activated in a Bank Millennium branch.

  • How to check if my phone has a tone dial option?

    In tone-dial mode a specific tone is assigned to each phone key. If the tone dial mode is on - then after pressing a key (e.g. 1) you will hear a sound - tone in the speaker. Some handsets can be switched from pulse to tone dial (PULSE/TONE switch). Calls to TeleMillennium require a tone-dial phone.

  • How to activate access to TeleMillennium?

    Go to any Bank Millennium branch and sign the agreement. In the branch you will get the MilleKod and P@ssword1; if you are a Business Customer you will be given a Telekod number.

  • Is it safe to order transfers and transactions with a Consultant?

    Yes, placing instructions with a Consultant is safe because Bank Millennium uses diversified Customer verification systems. Each Customer has own telephone service access passwords, which must be given to log on to TeleMillennium. Before ordering an account transaction the Customer will be additionally verified by the Telephone Consultant.

  • How can I cancel my card?

    Report a stolen/lost card by calling 22 598 41 14 or after putting a call to TeleMillennium 801 331 331 from the automatic menu select the option 1 - Cards cancelling and activation. The lines for lost/stolen cards are available 7/24.

  • How to activate or change phone number for SMS P@sswords

    To activate or change SMS P@sswords, go to the nearest branch of the Bank. During one short visit we will add your phone number for SMS P@sswords in the Bank system.

  • Can my loan repayment be postponed?

    Cash loans for individual clients

    You can submit an application for a credit holiday of selected cash loans in Millenet.

    Credit holidays mean that the nearest instalment of your loan can be postponed by one month and the loan period shall be extended by one month. Activating the service is not charged with an additional fee.

    A credit holiday application is available when the following conditions are met:

    • a minimum of 6 months have passed since the loan starting point
    • you have not used credit holidays in the last 12 months
    • you are not in overdue with your credit payments at the time of submitting the application for a credit holiday
    • the last instalment will not exceed 150% of previous instalments

    Mortgage loans granted by Bank Millennium

    In the case of mortgage loans, you can suspend one full principal and interest payment. The end date of your loan will not change and the accured interest will be capitalized. Activating the service is not charged with an additional fee and you can start the process throught Millenet or Bank’s helpline.

    Mortgage loans granted to clients by former Eurobank

    You can suspend a principal amount but you can do it only at the Bank branch. The end date of the loan will not change and the subsequent principal and interest payments will be recalculated after the end of credit holidays.

    If you want to suspend the full instalment you must sign an annex to the loan. In this option the end date of your loan will not change and the accured interest will be capitalized. Activating the service is not charged with an additional fee.

    For loans which don’t have the credit holiday option in the contract

    You can submit an application for a credit holiday after signing a relevant annex at the Bank branch.