Bank Millennium is a peer of Polish transformation.

It arose in 1989 as one of the first Polish banks with private equity (it was launched under the name of Bank Inicjatyw Gospodarczych BIG SA). Following the 1990 IPO it became a private bank. At that time the Bank was focusing on corporate business. Building its foundations the Bank issued the first payment card in Poland – Visa for business customers (1991) and began its leasing operation. In 1992 the Bank's shares were the first shares of a financial institution to make a debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In that same year the Bank acquired Łódzki Bank Rozwoju SA – the first takeover of a private bank in the post-war history of the Polish financial market.

Thanks to the rapid development of its product and service range the Bank soon became a universal bank. An important milestone in this process was the merger with Bank Gdański SA (1997) and the emergence of BIG Bank Gdański SA – an institution with a universal business profile, providing services to all market segments. A year later – with cooperation of the Portuguese Banco Comercial Portugues (BCP), the Bank launched the modern Millennium retail network, thus marking the start of a new era in Polish retail banking.

Since 2003 the Bank has been operating under the name of Bank Millennium, its business mission focusing on the delivery of universal, modern financial products and services to all Customer segments as well as generating growth of Shareholder value. The Bank offers its services through a chain of branches, internet, phone and mobile banking to private customers (in the retail, Prestige and Private Banking segments), to self-employed persons and microbusiness, as well as small, medium and large companies in the Corporate Banking segment.

Below please find Bank Millennium's history milestones year-by-year.

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Bank Millennium's
history milestones year-by-year

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  • The most important event of 2019 was the merger with Euro Bank. The acquisition deal was closed on 31 May, the legal merger of the two banks took place on 1 October and the fully successful operational merger was on 11 November. Integration of the potential and best practice of Bank Millennium ad Euro Bank allowed a stronger and more competitive bank to be created. The number of active retail customers increased to 2,6 million.
  • The Bank was acclaimed as the Customer Experience leader in the financial sector on the list of TOP 100 Brands prepared by KPMG in Poland and was in the top ten out of one hundred best brands in Poland.
  • In spring customers began to use New Digital Experience, i.e. the new Millenet internet system and mobile app. They use technologies and solutions, which are unique on the Polish market and also have an exceptional design.
  • The Bank keeps supporting intercultural development - in 2019 for the third time it granted a scholarship for the best undergraduate student of Portuguese language studies. This is the result of cooperation of Bank Millennium with the University of Warsaw and the Camões Institute.
  • The goodie shopping app has been downloaded 1,5 million times already. The goodie platform owes its dynamic growth to the continuous stream of new services (e.g. virtual gift card) and active promotion.
  • As a sponsor of culture the Bank was supporting the Wisława Szymborska Foundation, including an exhibition of the Nobel prize winner’s manuscripts in Kraków; the Sacrum Profanum festival - seventeen concerts of contemporary music; and Bella Skyway Festival – the biggest festival of light in Europe.
  • The Bank won the Service Quality Star award given by customers to the friendliest companies in Poland. It also won the Institution of the Year ranking in the categories: “Best quality of service in remote channels” and “Best quality of service in a branch”.
  • More than 92 000 people attended the 16th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, which Bank Millennium has been a sponsor of since 14 years. Thanks to shows with audiodescription sponsored by the Bank i.a. 120 persons with sight and hearing disabilities could experience the films.
  • Bank Millennium was hailed Best Bank in Poland in the annual Best Bank Awards competition organised by the renowned Global Finance Magazine. The choice was made by the magazine’s editors, banking experts and readers.
  • The Bank again won the CSR Silver Leaf for implementing highest standards of corporate social responsibility in its daily activity (ethics management systems, social commitment, minimising environmental impact etc.).
  • In this year’s edition of the Golden Banker ranking, Bank Millennium stood on the podium three times. It was i.a. first in the “Socially Sensitive Bank” category for Financial ABCs - a kindergarten children financial education programme.
  • Starting from this year personal customers can already pay with Apple Pay. In April the Bank launched Apple Pay payments, thanks to which users of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) can conveniently pay with a phone wherever the contactless payments logo is displayed.
  • The Bank won the “Transparent Company of the Year” ranking. The ranking recognises companies, which communicate with the market in the most transparent and regular way. The Bank scored the highest number of points among all ranked companies.
  • Millennium also made it to the top three in the Ranking of Banks by the Bank Monthly - it came 1st in the “Access” category and 2nd in “Bank for Young People”. The Bank was acclaimed as the best bank in Poland in building customer relationships in the Stars of Banking competition organised by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and PwC.
  • Millennium was the first bank in Poland to launch in its mobile app the Autopay service - automatic motorway toll payment from Blue Media. Thanks to this service customers can travel on a motorway without having to stop at the toll gates.
  • The Bank also introduced the Cronto token with a graphic code reader, an innovative device for logging on and authorising transactions for corporate customers. It is the first solution in Poland to be based on proprietary Cronto technology from OneSpan.
  • CEO Joao Bras Jorge was among winners of BrandMe CEO plebiscite by Forbes magazine. The plebiscite jury recognised 11 leaders from various industries and sectors, looking at their genuineness, transparency, courage and carrying out their missions with passion.
  • In the ARC Rynek i Opinia “2019 Bank retail customers satisfaction monitor” survey the Bank was 1st in “Satisfaction and Loyalty”. It also reached the highest NPS result of 52 points among Polish banks (with an average of 38).
  • In a similar survey of customers’ behaviours and preferences by Bain & Company advisers, the Bank also had the highest NPS result among Polish banks (it increased 10 points over the previous year to 43).
  • Employees of Bank Millennium and former Euro Bank took part in the “Our People: Together to the Moon” charity action. It involved “covering” together the distance between the Earth and the Moon. The Bank was giving 1 PLN for charity, for each kilometre covered - altogether giving more than 380,000 PLN.
  • The Bank aligned its services with the requirements of PSD2. It introduced a new method of activating electronic channels as well as additional security features when logging on and authenticating transactions. It was one of the first on the market to launch the production open banking interface compliant with the PolishAPI standard.
  • In Deloitte’s report, which looks at digital maturity of banks in almost 40 countries in Europe and the Middle East, we came up among digital leaders of the region. We were described as a digitally mature bank, well prepared for the challenges of open banking, already now offering many non-banking services.
  • All essential work involved with implementation of new GDPR provisions in processes relating to customer information management, was completed. The bank is aligned with GDPR in all key areas.
  • In the 17th edition of “Newsweek’s Friendly Bank” ranking we won the 1st place in the “Mobile Banking” category, 2nd place in “Bank for Mr. Kowalski” and 3rd place in “Internet Banking” and “Mortgage Banking”.
  • Chairman of the Management Board Joao Bras Jorge came second in the Banker of the Year 2018 ranking by “Forbes” magazine and was re-elected as chairman of Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.
  • In Warsaw School of Economics we opened the Co-working Centre for start-ups 317G, in which students and graduates can develop their entrepreneurship.
  • The Bank won the Service Quality Star award given by customers to the friendliest companies in Poland; it also won in the Institution of the Year ranking in categories: “Best Quality of Service in a Branch” and “Quality of Service in Remote Channels”.
  • For the eleventh time Bank Millennium was included in the Respect Index – index of socially responsible companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange; it also won the “Transparent Company of the Year” ranking for companies in mWIG40 index, which communicate with the market in a transparent way.
  • In this year’s edition of “Golden Banker” Konto 360° was found to be the best on the market; the Bank won the title of safest bank in Poland and the top three included the Impresja credit card and the Financial ABCs educational programme.
  • The Bank again won the CSR Silver Leaf for implementing highest standard of corporate social responsibility in its daily activity; it also won the “Website Without Barriers” competition, which promotes access to digital information for disabled, elderly and poor persons as well as those threatened with digital exclusion.
  • “Travel assistance” widget - a button to quickly contact the insurer, available with travel insurance in the Bank’s mobile app, won awards in The Innovators 2018 and in Efma-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards 2018.
  • The Bank applied to Polish Financial Supervision Authority for permission to set up a mortgage bank under the name of “Millennium Bank Hipoteczny” with its seat in Warsaw. This will be another company in the bank’s capital group.
  • Customers are already using the Bank’s new website and the new logon page - the visual layer and information layout were changed and the website was optimised with w view to its use on mobile devices.
  • The Bank was listed among Polish companies in developed market indexes created by FTSE Russell. Next to other companies, the bank was included in small cap index.
  • On 1st November, on the basis of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority’s decision the Bank took over management of assets of Spółdzielcza Kasa Oszczędnościowo-Kredytowa Piast (SKOK Piast) credit union.
  • On 5 November Bank Millennium and Société Générale signed an agreement on Euro Bank acquisition by Bank Millennium. The transaction involved our purchase of approx. 99,79% shares of Euro Bank. UOKiK has already agreed to the takeover of control over Euro Bank. After KNF acceptance the bank’s will merge in the second half of 2019.
  • In the ARC Rynek i Opinia “Bank retail customers satisfaction monitor” survey the Bank was 1st in “Satisfaction”, “Interface assessment” and “Assessment of fees and commissions” categories. It also reached the highest NPS score (61) among banks in Poland.
  • In December all required changes of the amended Payment Services Act, which transposed PSD2, were implemented. As a payment institution the Bank is fully prepared to provide customer service in accordance with the new rules.
  • The Bank announced a new strategy for 2018-2020 – it intends to generate PLN 1bn net profit in 2020 and ROE at top three banks in Poland level. It is also planning further digitalisation, customer centricity and behavioural personalisation.
  • The Bank launched goodie – an intuitive shopping platform of modern design and available to everyone. Goodie was developed as an internal start-up.
  • The “Like it? Share it!” recommendation programme took-off. Thanks to this programme customers can recommend to their friends that they open a Konto 360°account and get attractive rewards.
  • Tokenisation of all types of payment cards was introduced i.e. it is now possible to create a virtual counterpart of a card in a phone. In this way holders of the Bank’s cards can make contactless payments with their phone.
  • The Bank joined the partnership for UN Sustainable Development Goals and the “Euromoney” financial sector magazine hailed it as Central and Eastern Europe’s best bank for Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • 25 years have passed since the Bank and the banking sector went public on the stock exchange in Warsaw. Bank Millennium was the first Polish bank to be listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • In the 16th edition of “Newsweek’s Friendly Bank” ranking the Bank was No. 1 in the “Bank for Mr. Kowalski” category; 1st in “Mobile Banking” and 2nd in “Internet Banking”.
  • The mobile app introduced the functionality of purchasing city transport tickets and paying for car parking; while the internet banking system gained the functionality of creating a Trusted Profile, which opens access to public administration services. For this last solution the Bank received the “Breakthrough Collaboration in Financial Services” award in BAI Global Innovation Awards.
  • The Golden Banker plebiscite and more awards. The Bank won in the “Personal Account” category and came second in “Mortgage Loan” and “Best Quality of Service”. It was also again acclaimed as one of the safest banks in Poland.
  • Global Finance Magazine hailed the Bank as “Best Consumer Digital Bank in Poland” while in the “Best Trade Finance” category as “Best bank in CEE”.
  • In the mobile app and the Millenet internet banking system travel insurance can now be bought. Thanks to the unique “Travel Assistance” option customers can get in touch with their insurer very quickly.
  • The Bank was included in FTSE4Good Emerging Index, one of the FTSE4Good series of indexes created by FTSE Russell, a member of the London Stock Exchange.
  • After ten years of cooperation the Bank became the title sponsor of MILLENNIUM DOCS AGAINST GRAVITY – the biggest documentary films festival in Poland; it also launched its Twitter profile.
  • Joao Bras Jorge, Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Millennium, became the new President of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Bank received “The 2016 World’s Best Consumer Digital Banks In Central & Eastern Europe” awards from Global Finance magazine in following categories: “Best mobile banking app” and “Best trade finance services” for corporate banking.
  • The Bank launched the possibility to purchase motor insurance fully online (in the mobile app and in the Millenet transactional system); it also introduced a service, which allows using a phone to make contactless payments just as with a contactless card.
  • In the 15th edition of “Newsweek’s Friendly Bank” ranking the Bank came second in: Mortgage and Internet Banking and third in Traditional and Mobile Banking.
  • Customers were given access to Polish e-administration: they have started using the ZUS Electronic Services Platform via internet banking; they can also fill-in and submit applications for “Family 500+” programme benefits.
  • In the “Financial ABCs” programme the Bank Millennium Foundation arranged close to 200 workshops in 70 kindergartens. In this way they trained more than 5000 kindergarten kids from all over Poland in finance-related terms and expressions.
  • The Bank was awarded the CSR Silver Leaf in a report prepared by Polityka weekly and Deloitte advisory company; also yet again it was included in Respect Index – an index of socially responsible companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • Bank Millennium is one of the six banks that have launched payment system via mobile phone BLIK in their mobile applications.
  • The Bank announced  revised strategy for the next three years (2015-2017)
  • Bank Millennium won in Poland’s most prestigious Newsweek’s Friendly Bank ranking. Millennium was considered to be the best in terms of quality of retail customers’ service (traditional banking). The Bank repeated its last year’s success and again won in the “Internet Bank” category and was also considered to be the best in the “Mortgage Banking “ category.
  • The winner of the Golden Sceptre prize was Polish Radio Theatre.
  • Mr Joao Bras Jorge, Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Millennium, became a member of the Council of the Polish Bank Association.
  • Bank celebrates its 25 anniversary.
  • Bank’ new website  is launched. The most important change is its responsiveness - this means that it is displayed properly on all devices: computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • In the thirteenth annual Newsweek’s Friendly Bank 2014 ranking Bank Millennium won in “Bank in the Internet” category and came second is “Bank for retail customers” and new category “Mortgage Banking”.
  • Bank Millennium passed with a very good score a tests carried out by the Financial Supervision  Quality Survey Asset of Polish Banks and Stress Tests. These results confirm that the Bank Millennium, is an institution safe and resistant to potential market crises.
  • Jerzy Maksymiuk, a celebrated conductor, composer, pianist and a great personality of the Polish music scene, has received this year’s “Golden Sceptre” award.
  • Bank Millennium Group (the “Group”) consolidated net profit in 2014 amounted to PLN 651 million.
  • Joao Bras Jorge was appointed Chairman of the Management Board and Bogusław Kott – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bank Millennium.
  • Mr. Bogusław Kott, The Chairman of Bank Millennium Management Board, was awarded with Honorary Award granted by the Chapter of the „Polish Banking Leader" award for „vision and creation of the banking sector".
  • On 24 October, Mr. Bogusław Kott, Chairman of the Bank Millennium Management Board, submitted resignation from performed function and became a member of the Bank Millennium Supervisory Board. The Board elected him the Supervisory Board Chairman.
  • Danuta Szaflarska, outstanding theatre, movie and TV actress was awarded with the „Golden Sceptre" – awarded by Bank Millennium and the Polish Culture Foundation.
  • Bank Millennium was ranked top in „Friendly Bank – Retail Client" in the annual ranking of the best banks in Poland prepared by the Newsweek Magazine. In the ranking „Friendly Bank – Internet Bank", Bank Millennium was ranked second.
  • The Bank Millennium Group generated, in 2013, its historically second highest annual profit amounting to 536 mln PLN.
  • Bogusław Kott, Chairman of Bank Millennium Management Board was awarded "Wektor of the 20 years ", a special award granted by Employers of Poland.
  • Bogusław Kott, Chairman of Bank Millennium Management Board was given an honorary title "Banker of the 20 years" – a special prize awarded by „Bank" the Financial Monthly on the twentieth anniversary of the Magazine.
  • Bank Millennium was ranked the best and most friendly Internet Bank in Poland by Newsweek Magazine ranking "Friendly Bank – Internet Banking". In the general ranking "Friendly Bank – Individual Clients", assessing the level of service rendered to individual Clients, Bank Millennium was ranked second (third in the previous year's ranking).
  • Bank Millennium announced „Updated Bank Strategy for the years 2013-2015".
  • Jerzy Stuhr, outstanding film and theatre actor, director, teacher and writer was awarded „Golden Sceptre" award for 2012.
  • Creation of the Private Banking segment.
  • Bank Millennium included in RESPECT Index – Central-Eastern Europe's first index of socially responsible companies.
  • Eminent writer Wiesław Myśliwski won this year's "Golden Sceptre" award, given annually by Bank Millennium and Polish Culture Foundation.
  • Bank Millennium began its relationship with Makro Cash & Carry, a company from METRO Group – one of the world's largest cash-and-carry chains, with 1.3 million Customers in Poland.
  • Launching of a new mobile access channel to bank accounts through the dedicated Mobile Application.
  • Consolidated net profit stood at PLN 466.5 million.
  • The Bank carried out Poland's first advertising campaign with use of the You Tube website.
  • Issue of Bank Millennium "L"-series shares, over PLN 1 bn capital increase.
  • Józef Wilkoń – graphic artist, painter, sculptor and one of the world's best known book illustrators, received the „Golden Sceptre" award in 2010.
  • Millennium Visa Impresja credit card received the international 2010 Publi-News Trophees for Innovative Cards award. Impresja won in the European affinity cards category.
  • Bank Millennium announces its updated development strategy and targets for the years 2010-2012. The Bank is planning stable market growth both in retail as well as corporate banking, both in loans and deposits.
  • Bank Millennium pronounced Pearl of the Polish Economy in a ranking of Polish companies, prepared by the Polish Market monthly and the Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
  • Composer Krzysztof Penderecki was awarded the "Golden Sceptre" award, given for the eleventh time by Bank Millennium and Polish Culture Foundation.
  • The Chapter of the 9th edition of a competition held by the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Polish-American Small Business Advisory Foundation awarded to Bank Millennium the Crest „Business Friendly Bank".
  • In May 2008 the Bank honoured its one millionth Customer.
  • In surveys of spontaneous recognition of bank brands in Poland, carried out by SMG/KRC, Bank Millennium was in the top three banks with highest recognition in Poland.
  • The 2007 "Golden Sceptre" award was presented to Wojciech Młynarski, lyrics author and singer.
  • Bank Millennium chosen as a premium brand in the PremiumBrand 2007 independent brand survey.
  • The Bank Millennium offer for small and medium companies has yet again been deemed best on the market, ex aequo topping this year's annual „Best SME Bank" ranking by Forbes monthly.
  • The annual "Golden Sceptre" award, given by Bank Millennium and Polish Culture Foundation to eminent Polish artists, went in 2007 to Maria Fołtyn, a famous opera singer and director.
  • Net profit of Bank Millennium Capital Group in 2007 stood at PLN 461.6 million and was the best in the Bank's history, from recurrent business.
  • Bank Millennium is "Pearl of the Polish Stock Exchange" according to "Parkiet" daily.
  • Bank Millennium was awarded the title of „Trustworthy Company 2006" in a rating of public companies, prepared by the Polish Institute of Directors.
  • The Bank is for the second time pronounced Best Internet Bank in Poland by the Global Finance magazine.
  • Bank Millennium, in accordance with earlier announcements, launched a new uniform visual identity in its nationwide branch network.
  • BEL Leasing sp. z o.o. – a company from Millennium Group – changed its name to Millennium Leasing sp. z o.o. together with the name change the Company also launched a new logo as well as a new corporate colour scheme, identical for all companies of Bank Millennium Group.
  • Bank Millennium is one of the sponsors of the international Planete Doc Review documentary film festival and sponsor of the main prize – the "Millennium Award".
  • Golden Sceptre – the 2006 award from Polish Culture Foundation and Bank Millennium went to Tadeusz Różewicz, poet, playwright and prose author.
  • Millennium's Internet banking system pronounced best in Poland in the "World's Best Internet Banks" competition, organised by the Global Finance independent international financial magazine.
  • 3rd Best Bank for Companies according to the Forbes monthly.
  • Again "Top Rated" by "Global Custodian Magazine".
  • The number of users of Bank Millennium's Millenet - the online banking system for private Customers - exceeded 200,000.
  • Bank Millennium S.A., together with its subsidiary BEL Leasing Sp. z o.o. (legal successor to BIG BG Inwestycje S.A.) signed an agreement concerning settlement of the contract to sell 10% shares of PZU SA, concluded on 21 December 2004 with Eureko B.V.
  • "Golden Sceptre" award goes to renowned actor Janusz Gajos.
  • Bogusław Kott, Chairman of the Management Board of the Bank, is awarded with business award "Nagroda Gospodarcza" for Best Bank President - 1989-2004, established by Gazeta Prawna to commemorate the 15th anniversary of economic transformation and to honour persons, who exerted the biggest impact on the Polish economy in the years 1989 - 2004.
  • Bank Millennium and Telewizja Polska SA inaugurate a joint programme "Pearls of Millennium" composed of high culture artistic events produced and promoted in a joint effort by the Bank and TVP.
  • Stanisław Mrożek receives "Golden Sceptre" Award.
  • Change of the name BIG Bank GDAŃSKI to Bank Millennium.
  • Change of the seat of the Bank, centralisation of the dispersed locations in the new Millennium Plaza building in Warsaw.
  • Bank Millennium is in international bank consortium, co-ordinated by JPMorgan Chase Bank, and responsible for organisation and transaction services for Trade Bank of Iraq.
  • Bank Millennium - patron of the concert tour "Tomasz Stańko Millennium Tour 2003".
  • Redesign of Millennium branches for consistent image.
  • "Golden Sceptre" is awarded to Roman Polański.
  • Merging PTE Ego with PTE Skarbiec-Emerytura, sales of shares in favour BRE Bank.
  • The Bank becomes patron and founder of the scholarship in the Competition of the President of the Republic of Poland - Best graduation diploma in fine and design arts.
  • The six-CD album issued jointly with the Polish Radio "Jazz in Poland - 1950-2000 Anthology" wins "Fryderyk" award.
  • Merging BIG Bank SA - where Millennium network was created - with BIG Bank GDAŃSKI.
  • Commencement of the process of unification and modernisation of IT systems.
  • New strategy of co-operation with Clients - as a result of this separate business lines for specific customer groups are developed:
    • - Millennium Biznes - for small businesses,
    • - Bank Millennium PRESTIGE - banking for affluent Clients,
    • - Corporate Banking - services for medium and large companies.
  • Millennium Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych receives SEC's permit to conduct its activities.
  • Bank receives the title of the Patron of Sopot's Culture.
  • Stanisław Lem is awarded with "Golden Sceptre".
  • Final shaping of the shareholding structure of BIG Bank GDAŃSKI - Banco Comercial Portugues becomes strategic investor of the Bank.
  • BIG Bank GDAŃSKI - sponsor of the Polish Olympic Team - Sydney 2000.
  • The Bank receives the title of the Patron of Gdańsk's Culture.
  • Start of activities by open pension fund - Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny EGO.
  • Opening of the first 100 branches of the retail Millennium network.
  • Jointly with Eureko, purchase of 30% of the privatised PZU SA.
  • Setting up, jointly with Polish Culture Foundation, "Golden Sceptre" award and its granting to Jerzy Giedroyć.
  • Bogusław Kott becomes one of the Most Eminent Bankers of 10-year Reforms (1989 - 1999) in the readers' survey of "BANK" monthly.
  • Commencement of activities by Millennium - advanced retail services network created jointly with BCP.
  • Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne BBG SA created jointly with Eureko BV obtains license.
  • The Bank sponsors the great retrospective painting exhibition of Marian Mokwa in the National Museum in Gdańsk.
  • Merger between Bank Inicjatyw Gospodarczych BIG SA and Bank Gdański SA - foundation of BIG Bank GDAŃSKI SA.
  • Issuance of the Bank's issue in the form of Global Depository Receipts listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • BIG Bank GDAŃSKI - official sponsor of the Polish Olympic Team - Nagano 1998 and Sydney 2000.
  • Bogusław Kott, Chairman of the Management Board of BIG SA becomes the Banker of the Year in the survey of "Gazeta Bankowa" and Polish Bank Association.
  • BIG SA is awarded for the highest turnover on the bond market by the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw.
  • Dom Maklerski BIG sp. z o.o. introduces securities portfolio management services.
  • BIG SA becomes sponsor of the international tenis tournament PROKOM Polish Open.
  • BIG SA - official sponsor of the Polish Olympic Team - Atlanta 1996.
  • BIG SA becomes founder of the Banking Culture Foundation.
  • Purchase of the first tranche of the privatised Bank Gdański SA.
  • The first-in-Poland separation of Brokerage Bureau from bank's structure and its transformation into an independent company.
  • Setting up consulting company BIG Finance Sp. z o.o.
  • BIG SA is a titular sponsor and the Foundation for Development of Maritime Regatta Sailing is the organiser of the World Sailing Championship in QT class in Gdynia and Sopot.
  • Introduction of the first Polish business customer card - POLCARD BIZNES.
  • The Foundation for Development of Maritime Regatta Sailing created by BIG SA is awarded by the Minister of Transport and Maritime Economy, PZŻ and "Głos Wybrzeża" - "Rejs Roku" for organisational activities which led to the professional sponsorship and promotion programme for high-performance maritime.
  • Issuance of the first Polish retail customer card - POLCARD CLASSIC.
  • BIG SA wins the title "Best Polish Bank of 1993" granted by British "Euromoney" magazine.
  • BIG SA becomes sponsor of the Polish Olympic team for Lillehammer '94 and Atlanta '96 Olympic Games.
  • The first listing of the Bank's shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange - BIG SA is the first bank on the stock exchange.
  • Take-over of Łódzki Bank Rozwoju S.A. by BIG SA - the first take-over of a private bank in the post-war history of Poland.
  • BIG SA wins the title "Bank of the Year in Central and Eastern Europe" granted by the British magazine "Central European".
  • Launch of services for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.
  • Issue of the first-in-Poland international VISA card.
  • Founding BEL Leasing company.
  • The first-in-Poland issue of investment bonds.
  • In a joint effort with Orbis S.A., establishment of PolCard Sp. z o.o. – provider of card settlement services.
  • Start of the first professional sponsor programme in sailing – launch of annual BIG CUP regatta.
  • The first public issue of the Bank's shares.
  • Setting up Brokerage Office BIG SA.
  • Pioneering in the area of safe-custody services in Poland.
  • The Bank starts its leasing operations.
  • BIG SA establishes "Pro Musica Camerata" Foundation in support of opera initiatives of the Warsaw Chamber Opera.
  • 7 June - Bank Inicjatyw Gospodarczych BIG S.A. is founded, one of the first commercial banks in Poland.
  • 17 July - BIG S.A. commences its business operations.