Professionalism, comprehensive service or bespoke financial solutions provide an obvious basis, beyond which we go.

Bespoke approach

Beyond doubt you are an expert in your field. We too are professionals in our business, however, to provide you with the best solutions we must understand your needs and expectations as far as financial services go. This is why, in Bank Millennium your partner and guide in the unique world of modern finances will be an experienced Millennium Private Banking Advisor.

Comfort of service

We know that you demand of us as much as you do of yourself. This is why, your personal Advisor will be meeting with you where and when it is most convenient for you. You can also call your Advisor by phone and have him carry out a transaction or use the Millenet online banking system, the mobile app for smartphones and tablets as well as the special Customer service line or a branch, which will provide efficient and discreet service in a comfortable environment.