• Current account

    Current account is a basic bank product. Usually is used for salary transfer, paying the bills, withdrawing cash. It also functions as a base for all other products - deposits, debit cards, cash loans etc. An example of a current account in Bank Millennium is Good Account (Dobre Konto). 

  • Savings account

    Very convenient form of saving. Deposits and withdrawals are made through current account. You can make the deposits and withdrawals whenever you want, and the interest gain is calculated depending on the number of days, when your money was on the account. Savings account allows to save even very small amounts of money, so that everyday you can pay a small sum into it, instead of putting it into piggybank. Debit cards are not issued for saving account, what makes control of your savings much easier.

  • Deposit

    A basic saving product. In the simplest option it means paying into deposit account a defined amount of money for defined period of time. After that time the bank gives back the whole sum of the deposit and the interest. Withdrawing the money before the time agreed provides no interest.