Very Helpful Package

Enjoy security and convenience of 24/7 household and medical assistance

About the insurance

Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny (Very Helpful Package) is a convenient insurance available with Millennium 360° account, which offers medical and household assistance:


  • you may use up to 7 assistance services per year
  • for 3 months from opening an account, you benefit from free protection (afterwards the insurance premium is 4,98 PLN per month)
  • in case of emergency, one call to the Europ Assistance Emergency Center is enough: (+48) 22 203 75 00

You can use medical and household assistance with insurance within the Republic of Poland at the address you specify in your bank documentation. The insurance covers the services of specialists up to the amounts specified in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurancelink otwiera się w nowym oknie. Protection under the Very Helpful Package is offered in individual form by the Insurer – TU Europa S.A.

What covers

Medical assistance

You and your children can benefit from medical assistance with Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny (Very Helpful Package). Your children will be under special care in the event of an unforeseen occurrence.

In case of medical emergency, personal accident or child hospitalization, the insurer will provide:

Medical assistance
  • a doctor or nurse visit, and in the case of hospitalization – domestic help or support during convalescence

  • access to medical helpline, second medical opinion, telephone medical consultation and Tele-Maluch service

  • transport to and from the hospital, as well as the supply of medicines and rehabilitation equipment

  • private lessons for your children, whereby they will be able to catch up on their schoolwork

Household assistance

As part of Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny (Very Helpful Package), the insurer covers the costs of specialist services, and you only pay for costs of parts or accessories you need. If a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, is stolen from your home, the insurance will cover the cost of buying a new device.

In case of flooding, fire or other random event, e.g. damage to locks, lost keys, breakdown of electronics / household appliances / PCs or mobile devices, you can use assistance of:

Household assistance
  • electrician

  • plumber

  • glazier

  • heating technician

  • roofer, locksmith and mason

How to buy insurance

Online application

If you are not our Client, open Millennium 360° account.

If you are our Client, fill in the form.

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