Expenditures in line with budget mean stable purchasing costs and a fixed exchange rate. Impossible? We have a way.

Financial leverage

Making thoughtful and right purchasing transactions is key to succeed. You obviously want optimum financing for your corporate purchases – with no own funds engaged at best. Our experts will assist you in selecting financial solutions that meet your needs. You can strengthen your position in negotiations with your suppliers and also have an opportunity to receive favourable rebates.

Price in line with budget

When planning purchases, and larger investments in particular, predictable and stable prices are what counts above all. Why not set the real transaction exchange rate in advance to align it with your planned budget? We will make it simple.

Top-level payment culture

Due-date payments result both in good relations with your suppliers and in excellent business reputation. Our solutions will enable you to comfortably and, above all, optimally plan and execute your corporate payments.

Right products to meet your needs

Reverse factoring

Time for new financial solutions

Multiproduct line

Use many forms of financing even in several currencies under one agreement.

FX forward

Define the future FX rate today and get a hedge against the risk of deterioration of financial result

FX Option

Hedge the maximum or minimum future FX rate and avoid the risk of deterioration of financial result.

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