Do you need solutions that support Internet sales? Use relevant tools.

Accelerating order processing

E-commerce can bring many benefits to your company, including low entry costs, bypassing intermediaries, easier access to new customers, also abroad. On the other hand, e-commerce usually translates into a large number of payments and customers who seek immediate order processing. We offer tools that will enable identification of various transaction types for any number of customers. We can also prepare a customised reporting format that will respond to business needs of your company. We will additionally enable executing and receiving instant payments – 24/7. These solutions will have transfers reach you even within 60 seconds, and you will be able to attribute the payment to a specific customer and his or her order. This, in turn, will minimise processing time and thus increase customer satisfaction with purchase.

Tools building customer loyalty

E-commerce has great potential also with respect to promotional activities increasing brand loyalty and awareness. A tool that perfectly supports such initiatives are pre-paid cards that you can hand over to your customers for use in their next order with your company or capital group. You can hand over the cards to any group of customers and then top-up the cards at your convenience. 

Right products to meet your needs

Automatic Identification of Incoming Payments

Automatic identification of the payer and of the payments, improvement of income verfication.

Prepaid cards

Effective settlements and support of loyalty programmes.

Domestic transfers

Convenient and effective settlements in domestic transactions.

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