Optimise your financial expenses with effective planning and expert assistance.

Financial expenses under control

Securing external financing to leverage own capital, you strive to precisely assess the costs involved. With long-term investments the cost is based on variable interest rate. Thus calculating the exact cost is not possible – one cannot directly influence interest rates in the economy. Nevertheless, our solutions will enable you to stabilise interest costs in your company.

Managing consolidated funds

Company accounts list own funds and payables. Both flows are important links in cash management policy. Own capital can generate interest revenue while foreign capital interests   represent costs. We can propose a solution to consolidate both cash flows, which will facilitate control and enable increase in interest benefits.

Trading without currency risk

Does you company business use various currencies? Estimating financial expenses resulting from currency translation differences is difficult. Our experts have a solution to enable trading with no currency risk. Estimating trading costs is much easier knowing the exchange rate in advance.

Positive balance conversion

Despite your company sales success, most of your funds may be frozen in balance receivables, which lowers significantly liquidity and negatively influences liability turnover. In response to this challenge, we have prepared a set of financial instruments that enable conversion of receivables to cash, which substantially improves your liquidity.

Right products to meet your needs

Consolidation of balances with transfer of funds

Optimise regular flows between accounts.

Interest Rate Swap / Forward Rate Agreement

Hedge your company against the risk of financial result deterioration resulting from unfavourable levels of future market interest rates.

Export letter of credit discount

Increase financial liquidity of your business, discounting receivables under the letter of credit.

FX Swap

Gain liquidity in a given currency without the need to increase your FX risk exposure.


Safety of transactions and secured financial liquidity.

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