Security and time are crucial in cash management – deposited funds should be quickly made available in your account.

Optimising cash management

Cash management is relatively expensive and time-consuming. If you want to lower its costs, save some time and additionally transfer to bank the risk involved in physical money transportation, you can use our solutions. You will be able to quickly convert cash into book entries in your account and the other way round without even leaving corporate premises.

Efficient cash management

The necessity to store cash at your company premises in order to make various disbursements such as compensations, salaries and other payables has its price. We have prepared a range of solutions for you to avoid these cash management expenses. Starting today, you can order cash withdrawals online - a designated person will be able to collect cash at any ank branch in the country. They do not even need to have a bank account. Another solution is making funds available on a payment card by topping it up online or within a defined limit.

Right products to meet your needs

Closed cash deposit

Minimise time needed to withdraw cash in a Bank branch.

Closed deposit with transport option

Limit your risk connected with transporting cash to Bank' branch to the minimum.

Electronic cash withdrawal

Convenient cash settlement with the beneficiary.

Payment cards

Convenient card settlements.

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