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Closed cash deposit involves depositing cash without the need to count it when depositing. You can authorise members of your company staff and third persons e.g. employees of cash transport company to execute deposits of this type. 

You can deposit cash in a closed form in Bank outlets or you can make use of the netrowk of Bank operated night drops as well as units and night drops operated by external companies cooperating with the Bank.

The deposit is credited by the Bank to appropriate account on the basis of data contained in deposit slip. If a difference is found between a declared amount and amount calculated, you will receive a difference report and the Bank will adjust earlier bookings accordingly.


When making use of this form of depositing cash:

  • You will reduce costs ― closed deposits are less expensive the open ones,
  • You will save time by not having to wait for deposited cash to be counted,
  • You will minimise your cash turnover risk – by maintaining, in your company units, only amounts of cash required to finance current operations.



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Wherever you are, with internet access, you can check account balances and history on a 7/24 basis, also viewing information concerning other products i.e.: cards, loans, guarantees and letters of credit, standing orders or term deposits.

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