Do you choose integrated fund management? Use our reliable solutions to execute payments.

Comfort of everyday settlements

Regardless of whether you make a single or multiple daily domestic or foreign payments, individually or in batches, our solutions offer fast and comfortable execution, even when you are off your company premises.

Consolidated balance management

If your company has multiple bank accounts, yet your funds are not always in the account that you are usually using for transfers, we will present you with a solution to use joint liquidity in multiple accounts, with no need for manual transfers between them. We will also support you in optimising cyclical flows between accounts as well as in effective interest result management without moves.

Right products to meet your needs

Domestic transfers

Convenient and effective settlements in domestic transactions.

Foreign transfers

Foreign transfers can be effected both through Bank's branch and through the electronic banking system - Millenet.

Net balance

Effectively manage liquidity on the accounts of a company with complex organisational structure.

Consolidation of balances without transfer of funds

Raise your interest income or reduce interest cost on group of accounts level without the need to make any rebookings.

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