Find out what it is and what you can get thanks to the EU directive

What is PSD2?

PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) is an EU Directive on payment services. Its regulations were incorporated into the Polish legal order through the amendment of the Payment Services Act. What do these changes mean in practice?

  • less responsibility for unauthorized transactions
  • shorter time to handle claims
  • changing the method of payment for cross-border transfers
  • possibility of using so-called open banking

PSD2 [Directive (EU) 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 on payment services in the internal market] is a reply to development of technology as well as new payment services. PSD2, which regulations were incorporated into the Polish legal order through the amendment of the Payment Services Act, i.a. will allow a single payments market to be created in the EU, assure even greater safety of your transactions and protection of finances. Apart from that it also introduces a new category of service providers known as TPP (Third Party Providers) who will be able to provide additional services e.g. if you agree, they will be able to get access to information about your account, order processing of payments and check availability of funds on your account.


  • Stronger protection
    Stronger protection

    The liability for unauthorised payment transactions will be reduced e.g. if the card or telephone is lost. So far this has been 150 euro, now the maximum amount is 50 euros.

  • Faster claims
    Faster claims

    We will respond faster to claims concerning payment transactions. This time will be reduced from 30 calendar days to 15 working days.

  • New rules for cross-border transfers
    New rules for cross-border transfers

    Sending a cross-border transfer to a country from the European Economic Area (EU member states, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) only SHA option, in which the costs are shared between the sender and the recipient of the transfer.

Upcoming changes

More secure confirmation of operations

The security of business finances will increase. In accordance with new regulations certain operations must satisfy the strong customer authentication requirement. This means a two-step process of verifying the user's identity, e.g. by means of simultaneous verification of Password 1 and a token.

Fuller picture of finances

Open banking will allow access to all business payment accounts from one place, e.g. an authorized user will check the balance of an account in another bank from the level of our banking. Thanks to open banking a company will get a fuller picture of finances and will better manage your budget.

Open banking services

PSD2 specifies what types of services can be provided by Third Party Providers (TPP). These are:

  • AIS (ang. Account Information Service)
    will allow the third party to have access to information about different accounts in various banks – naturally after expressing the appropriate consent; this service will also give the Client access to various accounts from one place

  • PIS (ang. Payment Initiation Service)
    will allow payments to be made from business account – upon the request of an authorized person, a Third Party Provider (TPP) will be able to process a transfer order in a specific amount and to a specified recipient (at no stage will TPP be a recipient of your money)

  • CAF (ang. Confirmation of the Availability of Funds)
    will allow Third Party Provider (TPP) to check if there is a sufficient amount on your bank account to make the card payment

Important! It is worth remembering

  • be careful and do not disclose the logon and authorisation data to anyone [certified Third Party Providers (TPP) should use a special access interface, thus they will not require any confidential information]

  • authenticate consents and log in with use of MilleKod only on websites in the bankmillennium.pl domain (in the repository of consents in Millenet, you can check the expressed consents, configure access to new services and manage the limit for individual transactions)

  • before agreeing to a selected service provided by TPP check if the particular institution/entity is a certified service provider registered by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Information for Third Party Providers (TPP)

For certified third party providers (TPPS), we provide an API access interface with documentation. We allow you to use the production environment as well as the test one.

We guarantee the highest safety standards. We use effective methods of data encryption and protection against unauthorized access.

We provide a high quality API interface with a clear data structure. In order to start using it, you just need to register.

We provide a stable environment for both, the production and the test version with comprehensive and transparent documentation that allows for easy and quick integration with our system.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: openapi@bankmillennium.pl.


Availability and efficiency of Bank Millennium electronic channels

The average availability of each interface to Bank Millennium electronic channels in III quarter of 2023 was:

  • 99,77 %
    API access interface
  • 100 %
    Millenet for Individuals
  • 99.97 %
    Millenet for Companies
  • 99,83 %
    Mobile app for Individuals
  • 99,98 %
    Mobile app for Companies
  • 99,96 %
    Millenet Link

Monitoring the availability and efficiency of the special API access interface and interfaces used by Bank Millennium Clients is carried out in accordance with regulatory technical standards contained in Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/389 of 27 November 2017.

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