PFR Financial Shield 1.0

Check the details of subsidy remission via Millenet

Key information

Soon, in Millenet you will get the option of settling the subsidy received under the PFR Financial Shield 1.0.

The declaration will be made available to each beneficiary 12 months after the subsidy is paid. On the basis of the submitted declaration, PFR will issue a final decision on the amount of redemption of the received subsidy.

If you do not send a statement of settlement within 10 business days, PFR will calculate the amount of the redemption and issue a decision based on the data available in public registers.

The process of redemption of the subsidies granted under the PFR Financial Shield 1.0 will start after 29 April 2021.

Detailed information can be found on the PFR websitelink opens in new window

Need more information?

Need more information?

PFR invites to online training for entrepreneurs on the principles of settling and redeeming PFR Financial Shield 1.0. Information on registration and training dates is available on PFR websitelink opens in a new window.

Rules of settling the subsidy

The declaration will appear in Millenet about 10 calendar days before the end of the year from the payment of the subsidy. The statement will be a redemption proposal prepared by PFR. At this stage, the declaration will be available for preview only.

How to settle the subsidy


Log in to Millenet, go to the MilleAdministration > Financial Shield 1.0 tab.


Log in to Millenet, go to the Documents and applications tab > Financial Shield 1.0 > Subsidy settlement.