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Modern, simple and convenient

Meet the new Bank Millennium for Corporate mobile app - designed for you and your business needs

Why Bank Millennium app?

What possibilities does the new app offer?

mobile application

Personalised home screen

You decide, what you see when you open the app. You can rearrange and hide specific elements, as you wish.

Convenient shortcuts

Add quick shortcuts such as domestic transfer, foregin transfer, split payment.

Checking man's face, fingerprint

Quick login

Log in however you want: with fingerprint, face scan or PIN code.

Transfer notifications

Transfer notifications

You're informed of new transfers to authorise because we display notifications on your screen. This will help you manage your business finances more efficiently.

dark mode in mobile app

Dark mode

If you like, you can set the app's dark mode.

Easy business management

  • Transfers

    Make domestic transfers, tax transfers, ZUS or KRUS transfers, split payment and foreign transfers.

  • Adding companies

    You can see all your businesses in the app and conveniently switch between them without having to re-log.

  • Millennium Forex Trader

    Check exchange rates and exchange currencies at the best time.

How to activate Bank Millennium for Corporate mobile app?

The first steo of the app activation takes place in Millenet for Comapnies our electronic banking system.

  1. 1

    Log in Millenet for Companies and set Mobile Password for the app.

    START HERE template.externalLink.desc mobile app

  2. 2

    Download the app from App Store or Google Play.

  3. 3

    Open the app, finish activation and start using it.

Frequently asked questions

  • The Bank Millennium for Corporate mobile app is intended for business and corporate clients. Mobile banking can be used by any user with access to the Millenet for Companies electronic banking system.

  • The app is available for mobile devices with Android (version 7.0 or higher ) and iOS (version 11.3 or higher)..

  • Activation is divided into two steps. In the first, log in to Millenet for Companies our electronic banking system and then select Settings and New mobile banking. In this step, you will set the Mobile Password and add products that will be presented in the app. In step two you need to download the Bank Millennium for Corporate mobile app on your smartphone or tablet from the shop of your choice. Start the app, select the Activate button and follow the further prompts of the activation process.

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