About ATM banking

Bank Millennium ATMs provide 7/24 fast, convenient and safe access to your money. They are also always available for other transactions: check and print-out the account balance, get a list of last 10 transactions, change the PIN, top-up your mobile phone, print the P@ssword 2, which is used in Millenet or make a transfer to another account.

With a Bank Millennium credit card you can get a cash advance, check the card credit balance, change the PIN and top-up your mobile. Transaction type is always selected after inserting the card, selecting the language and keying-in the PIN. ATMs provide a Polish or English language transaction menu. The ATMs are available in locations with 7/24 access or in shopping centres during opening hours.

Before using an ATM you can check availability of services. The advertising screens displayed before inserting the card show icons featuring the symbol of a banknote and a printout. If they are displayed uncrossed - the cash machine has full functionality - cash withdrawal and printing of all receipts. If any of the icons is crossed, this means a temporary unavailability of cash (banknote icon crossed) or a receipt (printout icon crossed).

Outlets and atms


  • Cash withdrawal (pre-defined amount)

    After selecting Cash Withdrawal (debit cards) or Cash Advance (credit cards) the screen will show a choice of amounts: 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 PLN. A withdrawal/advance can be made with a receipt (printout) or without it, with use of any Millennium debit or credit card (VISA, MasterCard). The receipt, apart from the date, time and place of the transaction, will also state the withdrawn amount, current and available balance (debit card) or credit balance (credit card).
    If no cash withdrawal/advance is possible for instance due to ATM failure, the withdrawal option will not be listed among available transactions.

  • Withdrawal

    After selecting a Cash Withdrawal (Cash Advance) the screen with available amounts will also show Other Amount (button in bottom left corner). A new screen will then be displayed to type-in the new amount (a multiple of PLN 50). Having keyed-in the desired amount you must always confirm it by pressing the green button. A cash withdrawal can be made with or without a receipt - the same as for a withdrawal of pre-defined amount.
    A withdrawal can be made with any Bank Millennium card (debit or credit).
    If no cash withdrawal/advance is possible for instance due to ATM failure, the withdrawal option will not be listed among available transactions.

  • Checking the balance

    After selecting Account Balance (debit card) or Available Credit (credit card) choose whether the balance information is to be displayed on the screen or printed out. This is done by using the appropriate function keys beside the ATM screen. For debit cards the current balance and available balance is shown, while as regards credit cards the amount spent (Current Balance) is shown as well as remaining credit (Available Credit).

  • Last 10 transactions

    This transaction is available with Bank Millennium debit cards. After selecting Last 10 Transactions you can choose on the next screen whether the last 10 transactions are to be displayed on the screen or printed out. To do this press the appropriate function key beside the ATM screen.

  • PIN change

    This transaction allows changing the PIN of the card. After selecting the PIN change option on the ATM screen you must to enter the new PIN twice to confirm. The PIN can be changed for any card issued by Bank Millennium - debit or credit.

  • Bill Payment

    The transaction is available for Bank Millennium debit cards. Selecting the Bill Payment option on the ATM screen permits making a transfer from your current account to an account defined earlier in a branch of the bank. You can define a beneficiary under any name, e.g. Rent, Gas, Electricity etc. This name will appear on the screen after the Bill Payment option has been selected. Next select the beneficiary by pressing the appropriate function key next to he beneficiary's name. This should be followed by keying-in the amount to be transferred and confirming it with the green button in the keypad. During the transaction you can decide to print a receipt or just see the confirmation on the screen.

  • Mobile top-up

    After selecting the Mobile top-up option you can top-up the pre-paid credit on your mobile. After choosing this transaction select your mobile operator, then key-in the phone number and top-up amount and confirm it with the green button. You can top-up credit with following operators: Plus (Simplus, MixPlus, 36i6), Orange, TAK TAK, SAMI SWOI, Heyah, Play. During the transaction you decide whether to get a printed receipt or just see the confirmation on the screen.

  • Print P@ssword 2

    This transaction permits printing P@ssword 2, which is used for verifying change of the mobile phone number, to which text messages confirming transactions are sent (MilleSMS). To get a P@ssword 2 printout select Electronic Banking Channels and then the transaction Print P@ssword 2. If it is not possible to get the printout, because of e.g. printer failure, the Print P@ssword 2 option will not be shown on the screen. The transaction is possible with a Bank Millennium debit or credit card.


  • Which machine to use

    • Keep your eyes open. Try to avoid using a cash machine at night. Check if the next person in line is keeping the proper distance. Be careful and if you are being watched or it has suddenly become crowded cancel the transaction and go to another machine.
    • Try to always use the same cash machine. This will make it easier to discover any foreign objects on it.
    • Always check if there are no suspicious devices on the machine. If you find anything suspicious or out of the ordinary, or if there are any signs of tampering with the ATM, do not use it and contact the Bank.

  • Using the cash machine and making transactions

    • Leave others enough space to key-in the PIN in privacy. It is recommended to keep a distance of roughly 2 metres from the person at the cash machine, until this person has finished the transaction.
    • Never force in the card into the card slot. A difficulty with inserting the card into the slot may result from card reader failure or an attempt to fit fraudulent devices to the ATM.
    • Do not enter the PIN unless the cash machine asks for it.
    • When using the cash machine stand close to it. Always shield the keypad when entering the PIN, to prevent others from seeing it. This is best done by covering the keypad with your other hand. This way even if a hidden camera has been fitted your PIN will remain private.
    • Observe how the cash machine reacts. If you see any abnormal reaction cancel the transaction and report it to the Bank.
    • Remove the card from the slot only if the cash machine requests this. If the card has been swallowed by the machine immediately contact the Bank. Do not use help from strangers.

  • Ending the transaction

    • Put the cash and the card away after completing the transaction and before walking away from the cash machine.
    • Do not stand by the ATM holding cash.
    • If you see suspicious and illegal behaviour near the cash machine walk away and immediately contact the Bank.