Join CFO Club, a unique initiative for chief financial officers

New challenges

New challenges

CFO Club is a unique development-networking initiative for chief financial officers (CFOs) of companies operating in Poland. Rapidly changing business environment forces CFOs to take off their to-date hat of financier and assume the double role of change leader and value creator.

To face up to these expectations a modern CFO needs current knowledge from various areas of business management as well as tools, which will help to plan further development of the company. The CFO Club replies to this challenge. It's a platform of exchange of knowledge and experience, created by a unique community, which focuses on versatile development and value creation thanks to cooperation.

Partnering this initiative are: ICAN Institute, KPMG, CIMA, Microsoft, Bank Millennium, Mindbox, Exclusive Networks.

Joining the elite group of the CFO Club will help you develop in key areas

  • Strategist Strategist

    Develop strategic thinking as well as leadership skills and change management in close combination with the responsibilities of a CFO

  • Change leader Change leader

    Get to know how to create corporate values and support the implementation of development strategies

  • Expert Expert

    Improve the knowledge and familiarize the most effective tools thanks to participation in effective networking based on CFO Clubs members' knowledge and experience

Comprehensive development and sharing of experience

CFO Club provides members with access to diverse initiatives and activities:

  • Inspiring webinars with a solid dose of knowledge with valuable comments from Club partners and ICAN Institute. During the webinars you'll be able to ask questions live to the invited experts or discuss in a chat room.

  • Interesting articles written by recognised business practitioners, finance experts and experts from ICAN Institute, in which interesting information will be provided e.g. about building a company’s competitive advantage, creating a state-of-the-art financial department and adjusting operating methods to the current market reality, regulatory changes

  • Private networking meetings during which Club members take part in interesting discussions and listen to experts

Who will benefit most from CFO Club membership?

  • CFOs

    who want to deepen their knowledge in various business areas and exchange experience with other CFOs

  • Members of management boards for financial affairs

    who want to have a strong influence not only on the company’s finances but also on seeking new opportunities for its development

  • Chief accountants

    aspiring to the function of CFO who want to gain a new perspective on the way company is run

  • Controlling directors

    and financial controllers as well as directors in business advisory companies who want to get a deeper insight in their view of business operation

  • Investment advisors and financial analysts

    specialised in preparing analytical reports for public companies

  • Partners or investment directors

    in a mutual fund who in their activity want to create additional value for their organisations

We invite you to join CFO Club

We invite you to join CFO Club

Join the elite community of CFO Club and gain key skills, which are essential in the new business reality.