The entrepreneur's primary concern is to give his business current liquidity, but sometimes surplus money appears on the account. Such temporarily available money can also generate an income.

Protected principal and additional earnings

Your customers have already paid, while the next major payment to the supplier is scheduled only some months from now? During that time the money can wait on the business account. But is it not better for it to generate a yield? If you do not want to take chances and know exactly when you will need the money, invest it for that period with principal protection and guaranteed earnings. You have a choice of various deposits for a multitude of terms.

Withdrawal at any time

The vision of extra yield on term deposits is attractive, but you fear that while holding the deposit you will have an unexpected expense and by terminating the deposit prematurely you will lose the earned interest? We have a method for it. You can earn pre-defined interest, depositing and withdrawing the money whenever you want.

Products proposed for your need

Biznes Term Deposit

Permits effectively investing money and adjusting the term to your needs. The amount of interest increases with increase of the invested amount.

Millenet Term Deposit

This is an excellent solution for anyone who wants guaranteed yield and desires to invest for various periods from 1 day to 24 months.

Premia On-line Biznes Account

Gives a guaranteed yield, while you deposit and withdraw money whenever you want, without losing interest.

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