Running a business, you want to stay in control of its finances. In Bank Millennium we have built many channels of access to accounts, so that you can easily get the information you need anytime and anywhere.

Remote access

The most convenient of all is current access to finances without leaving the office. You have to check the account balance or make a transfer, otherwise the supplier will not dispatch the goods? Or need to take a look at the list of transactions on accounts in the last half-year? We offer the tools to enable it, and because you frequently travel on business and are not at your desk, you will also be able to use mobile devices, such as a tablet or a smartphone.

Phone messages

You are waiting for money and nervously refresh the account history every few minutes? This is probably quite distracting and you cannot focus on the business. Yet you can actually receive this information by text message to your phone.


You will be happiest doing everything online, but there are things best handled during a visit to a branch where you can talk to the Advisor. It is therefore important for the branch to be nearby.

Products proposed for your need


This is an advanced Internet banking system which ensures full access to business finances anywhere and anytime.

Mobile Application

Ensures fast and secure access to accounts. Now you can check the balance of accounts or cards and make transfers with a smartphone or tablet.


Telephone service is a convenient way to manage finances. Telemillennium will provide you with information and will take your orders for selected transactions.


Thanks to automatic mobile phone messaging you can easily control your business spending and inflows.

Branches and Credit Advisors

In a branch you will make cash deposits and withdrawals and will obtain the information you need, while our Credit Advisors will help you prepare loan applications.

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