• Current accounts

    • Check the list of current accounts,
    • Check the balance on accounts,
    • Check the history of transactions,
    • Print and download confirmations of transactions performed on accounts,
    • Download and print group of transaction confirmation on account.

  • Term deposits

    • Check the list and details of term deposits,
    • Check the details of term deposits,
    • Constitute Lokata Milllenet,
    • Redeem Lokata Millenet,
    • Define automatic renewal of Lokata Millenet,
    • Define interest capitalisation.

  • Loans (Revolving credits, Investment Loans, Working Capital Credits)

    • Check the list of loans granted,
    • Check the details of loans granted,
    • Check the payment plan (Investment Loans and Working Capital Credits),
    • Check the loans history.

  • Cards

    • Check list of cards,
    • Check the details about payment cards with history of transactions (charge cards),
    • Activation of payment cards.


  • Transfers

    • Check the list and details of pending payments with possibility to delete some of them,
    • Prepare payments of funds to any account of domestic (including ZUS and Tax Authorities, SORBNET also for amounts lower than 1 million PLN, instant transfers), foreign beneficiaries and save them as a draft, request authorization, authorize, authorize and send,
    • Prepare online folders with payments as drafts, request authorization, authorize and authorize and send,
    • Import to Millenet system files with domestic payments in formats: Elixir O, VideoTEL, MTMS CitiDirect, TransBank, postal transfers in formats: MTMS CitiDirect, Elixir O and foreign payments in formats: SWIFT MT103, VideoTEL and MTMS CitiDirect. Files after import can be editable or not due to customer's decision,
    • Order transfers with a future execution date.

  • Upcoming payments

    • Control upcoming payments (payments with future execution date: standing orders, transfers with a future date, card payments, loan installment payments).

  • Standing orders

    • Check the list of standing orders,
    • Define new standing orders,
    • Edit and delete standing orders.

  • Order templates

    • Store and use of the most widely used transfer templates,
    • Add templates from the drafts or already sent orders,
    • Save as templates both single orders and folders of orders,
    • Define permissions to execute transfers from previously prepared templates.


  • Statements / Reports

    • Check the list of online statements,
    • Define online statements,
    • Check the list of Automatic Identification of Incoming Payments Reports,
    • View, download and copy to disk the history of transactions on a selected account in one of three available formats: PDF, XLS, CSV, HTML ESOBIG, MT940, CDT.


  • Users

    • Check users list,
    • Check the users details,
    • Add and remove users,
    • Grant access for user to transactions,
    • Define access to accounts for users,
    • Update personal data: name and surname, e-mail address and phone numbers, ID type, ID number (Profile - Personal information).

  • Group of accounts

    • Create and delete groups of accounts
    • Modification of the existing groups of accounts

  • Beneficiaries

    • Build a list of regular domestic and foreign beneficiaries,
    • Import and export of earlier prepared beneficiaries database in text format,
    • Edit and delete beneficiary.

  • Other services

    • Mobile banking - activating and setting mobile banking services for businesses
    • Single sign-on - setting allowing for simultaneous logging into the profiles of several companies
    • Authorization rules - review and modification of the authorization rules for financial and non-financial transactions

Trade finance online

  • About the product

    Manage trade finance transactions online

    Online trade finance is a new advanced module in the Millenet for Companies internet banking system. It will allow your company to manage and monitor documentary letters of credit, bank guarantees and reguarantees online in each stage of their processing – starting from submitting an order to closing of the transaction. Thanks to effective electronic communication between the Customer and the Bank the transaction processing time will be shorter.

  • Functionalities

    What are the functionalities of online trade finance?

    Documentary letters of credit

    • Submitting orders to open/change,
    • Cancelling qualifications to the documents or rejecting non-compliant documents,
    • Receiving advice of third party letters of credit,
    • Submitting orders to transfer third party letters of credit,
    • Submitting other instructions connected with an opened letter of credit.

    Bank guarantees, reguarantees

    • Evaluating/negotiating guarantees presented by the Customer,
    • Placing orders to issue/change,
    • Receiving advice of third party guarantees,
    • Sending other instructions connected with the granted guarantee.

    Additional functionalities

    • Use in electronic forms of improvements, which facilitate and accelerate entering of transaction data (roll-down lists; pre-defining the database of banks or counterparties; templates of transactions or new orders based on orders entered earlier into the system),
    • Automatic verification/validation of the orders placed,
    • Possibility of attaching documents to the orders,
    • E-mailed or texted notifications,
    • Convenient ways of granting user rights to individual module functionalities,
    • Possibility of creating separate authorisation patterns,
    • High level of security thanks to using electronic signatures and authorisation methods available in the Millenet system,
    • Advanced tool for transaction reporting with the possibility to generate ad hoc and pre-defined reports (Reports Centre).

    Millenet - Documentary letters of credit and Bank guarantees - user manual

  • Benefits

    • Faster processing of the Customer’s orders.
    • Full control over the transaction thanks to access to order execution statuses and a history of transactions, including bank correspondence and SWIFT messages.
    • 24/7 service availability anywhere in the world.
    • Possibility to generate a broad range of transaction reports.
    • The module is available in Millenet – no need to define dedicated logins and passwords.

Millennium Forex Trader transactional platform

It is a professional online transactional platform where users can personally trade on the FX market – when and where they want, from any computer and without telephone contact with a Bank dealer,

To obtain access to the trading platform it is essential to sign the proper agreement with the Bank.

For additional informations please contact with Product Specialists or Treasury Market Dealers.