Volunteers from Bank Millennium renewed a school library

“A book available to everyone” is an action organised by Bank Millennium’s volunteers for the grant competition of Bank Millennium Foundation. Eligible for the competition was every employee who prepared a local community project and engaged other volunteers from the bank, family and friends in its implementation.

The Foundation’s grant was used by the volunteers to buy new shelves and books for the library of a primary school in Warsaw. There are approximately 950 children attending this school currently and a significant number of them will certainly use the library.

Several dozen people took part in the project – employees of Bank Millennium, students, parents and teachers. The participants took down the old shelves and set up new ones and also placed the new books on the shelves. After finishing work the volunteers and the children enjoyed educational games and entertainment. 

The employee volunteering programme, next to the financial education and cultural education programmes, is one of the three pillars of activity of Bank Millennium Foundation.