Training and chess tournament – arranged by Bank Millennium’s volunteers

Training and chess tournament is another action arranged for the grant competition of Bank Millennium Foundation. Every employee of Bank Millennium could take part in the competition, having prepared a project for the local community and having involved other volunteers from the bank, family and friends in its implementation.

Chess training and the Bank Millennium Foundation Cup Tournament were held in the Polish Chess Federation in Warsaw. Several dozen people took part in the event – volunteers from Bank Millennium as well as friends and children of the bank’s employees. Attendees of the training session had the opportunity to recall how chess pieces move, what the most important rules of playing a game of chess are and also learned the regulations on holding chess tournaments.

30 persons took part in the tournament. The winners received cups and valuable prizes and all participants were presented diplomas, chess training books and chess magazines as well as vouchers for chess training.

Employees of Bank Millennium can submit projects for the grant competition of Bank Millennium Foundation, which concern financial education, enterprise development, inter-generation projects as well as projects for children and the youth, support for persons threatened with social exclusion and also environmental protection. Those actions have the best chances of winning, which involve many volunteers, which will benefit the highest number of recipients and which will exert a long-term effect on the life of the local community.

Next to the financial and cultural education programme, employee volunteering is one of the three pillars of activity of Bank Millennium Foundation.