As part of our Bank Millennium Foundation’s volunteering programme, a group of Bank Millennium employees from Gdańsk prepared a sports field for students from a small school in Lublewo Gdańskie (Pomeranian voivodship).

Children attending the school in Lublewo Gdańskie are very keen on sports. Both during their PE lessons and when staying at the school common room they are eager to spend their time outside playing football and other team sports. The only problem was that until recently there was no pitch.

Some volunteers from Bank Millennium together with parents of the children who attend the local kindergarten and school, and form teacher of one of the classes decided to transform the area in front of the school. Their goal was to prepare a sports field with grass, goals and dedicated volleyball field. Numerous volunteers took part in the effort performing varied works: using an excavator they prepared the area for the pitch, levelled it with rakes and sowed grass. Children from the school and kindergarten received goals, volleyball equipment and balls, goalkeeper gloves, a bag for balls and T-shirts. These purchases were financed with a grant from Bank Millennium Foundation. Everybody was on cloud number nine while the youngest participants were eager to help with the job. On the day when the new school year starts, there will be a surprise for all the children - a sports field ready to be used.

The project was performed within a grant competition of Bank Millennium Foundation. In the competition, volunteers from Bank Millennium may win funds for execution of an independently designed volunteer action. The largest chance for winning stand these projects which will involve many volunteers, will have the highest number of recipients and which will exert durable impact on the life of local community.