In a volunteering action under a grant from Bank Millennium Foundation, a group of employees from Gdańsk renewed the playground, expanded the football pitch and built a sledge run in the school in Lublewo Gdańskie.

Almost 140 children attend the school and kindergarten in Lublewo Gdańskie - a village in Pomorskie Voivodeship. There is no other playground and football pitch in the area, so the existing ones are highly popular. Teachers together with children are eager to spend time actively during physical training, in the waiting room and whenever time permits. Last year volunteers from Bank Millennium built the football pitch where the children can play football, volleyball and exercise on the grass. This year thanks to the hard work of volunteers, teachers, parents and children it was possible to increase the pitch by half, build the sledge run and also to renew the playground. Also playground games were painted on the space in front of the school. Additionally the children were given sports equipment: volleyball, basketball, rugby and football balls, badminton, tennis, unihockey and Palant sets, sandbox toys as well as training gear. All this will give the children even more opportunities for playing actively.