The Bank Millennium Foundation joined the fight against coronavirus and donated PLN 500,000 to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań, which developed the first Polish tests for COVID-19. Tests are soon entering mass production, and the Institute is conducting further research and development work on new generation tests. The decision to transfer funds to the Institute was taken by the bank's employees in an internal vote and is a reaction to the information that circulated in the media at the beginning of April this year, about the achievement of Polish scientists from the PAS Viral Support Group.

The struggle against the epidemic continues. Coronavirus causes victims, but also gives birth to heroes. We are extremely grateful to the scientists from ICHB PAN who, thanks to almost 24/7 work, managed to create the first Polish tests in such a short time - says Joao Bras Jorge, President of the Management Board of Bank Millennium and Chairman of the Bank Millennium Foundation Council. - We are all facing an extremely difficult challenge, which is to stop the epidemic threat and the risk of developing coronavirus in Poland and in the world. We are approaching the second phase of the crisis, i.e. the gradual start-up of the economy and this period of waiting for normality will require more tests. We can and want to join the process of introducing them, which is why, through the Bank Millennium Foundation, we add our contribution and donate PLN 500,000 to support the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences from Poznań in their research and development work related to the preparation for the production of subsequent generations of Polish COVID tests -19 - he adds.

Bank Millennium took many actions related to overcoming the pandemic and its negative economic effects, inter alia, it provided medical and protective solutions for its employees at branches and headquarters, established a special sick fund for the employees, and it has been supporting its retail clients and companies facilitating repayment of loans, introducing new functionalities in electronic banking for even simpler banking from home.

In Bank Millennium actions for the community are an integral part of the business strategy. The priority is to assure highest quality of Customer service, conduct ethical marketing and sales as well as to facilitate the use of banking and non-banking services (e.g. e-administration) by introducing enhancements for the disabled and innovative services. CSR actions are also targeted at Employees. Apart from assuring stable and attractive conditions of employment as well as offering the opportunity to engage in community actions, the Bank promotes diversity in its organisation. Programmes for the community are carried out via Bank Millennium Foundation and concern financial education as well as development of employee volunteering.

Another proposed community action is our financial support of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan which on 10 April this year announced completion of works to develop the first Polish coronavirus test. It will soon be in mass production.