Volunteers from Bank Millennium made a dream come true of a kid from one of Warsaw’s kindergartens and created a sensory path.

The project was done in a grant competition organised by Bank Millennium Foundation and involved building a six-metre path filled with various material (pebbles, artificial grass, tree bark, stones, sponges etc.). The path aims to develop gross motor skills, balance, motor coordination, tactile feedback and imagination. The sensory walk also allows possible faulty postures and foot defects to be avoided. In order to stimulate the children’s senses during the entire year also accessories were bought for motor coordination and balance exercises. The accessories may be used indoor - balls, discuses, sensory stones and a rotating top.

Thanks to the volunteers’ work the kindergarten became the better not only for the sensory path. The kids also gained a garden, where after the summer holidays they will be able to learn gardening and nourishing plants and also to watch them grow. The volunteers also planted flowers and thujas and also set-up bird feeders to allow the children to watch various birds.