Patronage of the Warsaw Art Fair, and more specifically, its training part, is an element of the efforts for cultural education pursued by Bank Millennium Foundation and continuation of more than 25-year old tradition of Bank Millennium cultural patronage.

The activity of Bank Millennium Foundation has been based on three pillars: volunteering, culture and education. We support Bank Millennium employees in their volunteering actions, conduct financial education for pre-school and school children. The Foundation’s mission includes also promotion of culture. Apart from art promotion, the Warsaw Art Fair has also an undeniable educational value. The programme features artistic workshop activities for children and expert lectures on topics related to the art market, art investments and issues concerning antique market and collector’s photography.- emphasises Iwona Jarzębska, Chairwoman of the Bank Millennium Foundation.

The Warsaw Art Fair is an important artistic event that attracts vast numbers of art dealers, collectors, curators and art lovers every year. This year alone about 50 selected Polish and foreign galleries and antique shops will exhibit close to 1000 works of art, inter alia paintings, sculptures and antiquarian items. It is the only event, where you can view and purchase works of both renowned contemporary artists as well as younger and already successful authors. The Fair is also a good opportunity to learn the principles of art investments which is becoming an increasingly more popular form of growing your wealth.

The market surveys demonstrate that although Poles do not invest in art that often, this kind of investment is becoming increasingly more popular. Some of the bank clients may be interested in alternative investment vehicles, also in Art Banking. Purchasing works of art may diversify your portfolio as well as help pursue your collecting passion, be it for painting, jewellery or antiques. The example of western countries has demonstrated that auctions record increasingly higher sales, while individual masterpieces get increasingly higher bids – says Arkadiusz Stolarski, Director of the Private Banking Department at Bank Millennium.

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