Life Inspires Us Foundation supports Economic Knowledge Olympics.

Polish Economic Society has been contracted by the Ministry of National Education to annually organise – since 1987 – the Economic Knowledge Olympics. The 29th edition started on 4 November 2015 and will end with the finals on 2-3 April 2016. Life Inspires Us Foundation has joined the prestigious group of sponsors of this event.

The overriding aim of the Olympics is economic education of young people, consolidating knowledge about the contemporary economy and supporting particularly talented students. The Olympics are targeted at students of above-gymnasium schools. 300,000 participants took part in its previous twenty eight editions. The main theme of this year’s Olympics is Social Inequalities and Economic Development.

Contenders will compete for the victor’s laurels in three stages:

  • Stage 1 (school competition) – competing within schools, which are taking part in the Olympics - 4 November 2015.
  • Stage 2 (district competition) – a competition between top 10% participants of Stage 1 in the district (17 largest cities in Poland) - 8 January 2016.
  • Stage 3 – finals with participation of top 100 students from all Poland – 2-3 April 2016.

The winners of the Olympics are accepted for studies at sever dozen universities in Poland without having to go through the recruitment stage. This is the main prize for the winners. There are also cash prizes offered – including one from the Prime Minister, as well as a number of items and scholarships.