Use a wide range of solutions that will secure your company against market risk.

Stable costs of financing

Market risk makes it impossible to precisely assess foreign currency investment or transaction costs. Obviously, you can make relevant provisions for this purpose, yet with long-term and capital-consuming projects or large, cyclical transactions it is better to safeguard yourself against the risk of a deteriorating financial result triggered by unfavourable changes of currency exchange rate or market interest rates.

Risk-free currency liquidity

If you want to gain liquidity in any foreign currency without incurring exchange rate risk, we have a relevant solution for you. We use both the moment of forward agreement as well as its value to achieve desired currency exposure.

Right products to meet your needs

FX forward

Define the future FX rate today and get a hedge against the risk of deterioration of financial result.

FX Swap

Gain liquidity in a given currency without the need to increase your FX risk exposure.

Cross Currency Interest Rate Swap

Hedge your company against unfavourable future changes of exchange and interest rates.

Interest Rate Swap / Forward Rate Agreement

Hedge your company against the risk of financial result deterioration resulting from unfavourable levels of future market interest rates.

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