About the product

We are offering a wide range of banking products and services to units of the public sector. These products and services will facilitate more effective management of your finances and full use of organisation's potential. Modern transactional banking solutions help ensure optimum management of funds in a dynamically changing market environment while package of products in the finance area will facilitate management of additional capital to finance current and investment needs.


  • Appropriate adjustment of transactional banking products to meet the organisation's needs will ensure full utilisation of the organisation's capacity by way of effective cash management in time and facilitate easy and convenient performance of settlements.
  • Financing products provide access to additional funding in the area of current settlements, financing and co-financing of investments.
  • Access to banking products and services by way of convenient and safe electronic banking system.
  • Access to extensive network of Bank branches and ATMs throughout the country.

Bank Millennium is an institution with many years of experience in supporting public sector organisations.

Questions and answers

  • 1. What products can a public sector unit use?

    Main components of our offering are: provision of on-going service, financing of current and investment needs and special products.

    Comprehensive service includes, inter alia, as follows:

    • Bank accounts (settlement, escrow accounts),
    • Current and term deposits (term deposits, Automatic Overnight Deposits, the system of individual deposits),
    • Payments and settlements (Automatic Identification of Incoming Payments, direct debit, postal orders, mass transfers),
    • Cash service (cash payments and withdrawals, car collection),
    • Payment cards.


    A wide range of products financing current operations and investment activities:

    • Current account overdraft facility,
    • Revolving loan,
    • Working capital loan,
    • Investment loan,
    • Guarantees and sureties (BGK and Regional Guarantee Funds).


    Special products are, as follows:

    • Municipal bond issues,
    • Offers for housing cooperatives,
    • Municipal factoring.

    The above products have been successfully utilised by public sector units for many years now.

  • 2. Who can take advantage of this offer?

    Our offer addresses the needs of Units of Local Governments, public utility enterprises, tertiary education institutions, housing cooperatives and other broad public sector entities.