Technological loan

Financing investment in new technologies

About technological loan

Are you planning investments based on new technologies that will increase the innovativeness and competitiveness of your company? Would you like to receive non-repayable support - a technology bonus?

With a technology loan from Bank Millennium:

  • you will finance up to 70% of the investment project's eligible expenditure,
  • you will receive EU funding - a technology bonus granted by BGK,
  • after 25% of planned expenses have been realised you can apply for partial payment of the technology bonus,
  • you will repay part of the credit principal with the funds from the received technological bonus,
  • you will increase the innovativeness of your company and increase its potential.


  • We consider technology investments to be investments consisting in:

    • purchase and implementation of a new technology,
    • implementation of own new technology,

    and launching on its basis the production of new or significantly improved products, processes or services in relation to those produced in the enterprise so far, as well as providing conditions for the production of these products, processes or services.

    The implemented technology must take the form of:

    • industrial property rights or
    • results of development works or
    • results of industrial research or
    • unpatented technical knowledge.
  • The duration of the loan depends on the type of investment project and the economic and financial situation of the customer, and can be up to 10 years.

  • We grant technology loans in zloty.

  • The amount of the loan depends on the amount of the project's eligible costs. They cannot exceed the equivalent of EUR 50 million and the creditworthiness of your company.

  • A technology credit can be obtained by a company which fulfils the criteria of a micro, small or medium-sized enterprise (according to EC Regulation No. 651/2014), having its registered office in the territory of Poland.

  • You can repay the loan in accordance with the loan repayment schedule. You will repay part of the loan principal with the technology bonus received.

  • The technology bonus may amount to

    • even 70% of eligible expenditure for micro and small entrepreneurs,
    • up to 60% of eligible expenditure for medium-sized entrepreneurs in accordance with the level of support set out in the "Regional aid map for the years 2022-2027 for Poland".
  • The call for applications has started and will last until 31.05.2023 until 4 p.m. Remember! Attach a credit promise or a conditional technology credit agreement to the application.

  • In order to obtain a technology bonus:

    • submit an application for a funding - technology bonus to BGK,
    • attach a credit promise or a conditional technological credit agreement to the application,
    • fulfil the conditions for the loan to be activated,
    • implement at least 25% of the planned value of the project's eligible expenditure,
    • submit an interim or final payment application to BGK.
  • Eligible expenditures, i.e. those that can be covered by the technology bonus, are expenditures necessary and related to the technology investment, e.g:

    • purchase of land and ownership of real estate, excluding residential premises, which cannot exceed 10% of all eligible costs,
    • purchase or creation of other fixed assets,
    • construction work and materials, which may not exceed 50% of all eligible costs,
    • purchase and protection of patents, licences, know-how and other intellectual property rights,
    • repayment of the loan principal to finance the purchase of fixed assets,
    • expert opinions, concepts and technical projects of external consultants - support may not exceed 50% of these expenses,
    • costs related to obtaining patents - support may not exceed 50% of these expenses.
  • No. You can start implementing the investment the day after submitting the application for co-financing to BGK.

  • The period of expenditure eligibility is the period in which you can incur expenditure on an investment. During this period you undertake to realise the full material and financial scope of the project. The end date of the eligibility period is the date of submission of the final payment application to BGK, no later than 31.12.2029.