Credits with Biznesmax guarantee

Unique support that combines a guarantee and a subsidy for environment-friendly investments


If your business belongs to the SME sector and you are planning to get a loan for a precisely defined investment purpose (e.g. purchase of a machine) or a loan for financing current operations and also meet at least one out of the criteria below, you can get a free loan repayment guarantee from Guarantee Fund for support of innovative companies of Smart Growth Operational Programme (FG POIR).

The POIR guarantee (Biznesmax guarantee) may cover a new renewable or non-renewable loan granted in PLN and reserved for financing eligible costs of a capital expenditure project. If the financing comes from de minimis aid, the loan can be used for basic investment objectives or objectives related to current needs of the company (objective indicated in the loan agreement).

A loan in the amount secured with the guarantee may not be assigned for financing eligible costs, for which the borrower already obtained support or is applying for financial support with EU funding.

Characteristic of a POIR guarantee (Biznesmax guarantee)

Form of state aid De minimis aid or regional state aid
Security of the guarantee Blank promissory note with declaration
Maximum guarantee amount EUR 2.5m (equiIvalent in PLN)
Maximum validity of the guarantee 20 years
Fee for the guarantee PLN 0


  • free access to security in the form of a guarantee for up to 80% of loan principal over the entire financing period
  • possibility of financing CAPEX projects as gross and supporting operation, including current account overdraft
  • unique combination of guarantee and subsidy even for loans financing current needs
  • option of applying for a refund of a part of the interest paid
  • in case of financing investment with POIR guarantee (Biznesmax) granted in de minimis aid formula, it is also possible to finance gross costs, including accompanying costs (up to 20% of total eligible costs of the project) as well as working capital to supplement the project (up to 50% of total eligible costs of the project)

project evaluation variants

Biznesmax guarantee may cover a new loan allocated to financing costs within one of the two project evaluation paths, so-called variant 1 or variant 2.

Project evaluation variants in Biznesmax:

  1. Investment project executed by entity that fulfils the innovative entrepreneur criteria (subject path - innovative entrepreneur) - variant 1
  2. Investment project of pro-ecological innovation nature with ecological effect (subject path - ecological effect) - variant 2

When selecting the variant, Client makes proper statements in „Project plan…”link opens in a new window submitted to the Bank.

The variants are described in Conditions for obtaining at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego loan repayment guarantee and interest subsidies for loans covered by guarantee within FG POIR portfolio guarantee linelink opens in a new window.

When variant 1:
Borrower’s statement on fulfilment of at least 1 of the 17 criteria of an innovative entrepreneur.

I/we declare that, when applying for granting guarantee within FG POIR portfolio guarantee line, we fulfil at least one of the below criteria:

  1. I/we have applied for protection or hold exclusive rights in respect of a patented invention or utility model covered by a patent right or industrial design covered by a registration right or topography of an integrated circuit covered by a registration right;
  2. I am/we are located in the technological park or business incubator, and I/we have received support for innovative activity;
  3. I/we hold research and development centre status;
  4. I/we hold an operating research and development section within the organisational structure of our company, where I/we employ as research personnel at least one person full time;
  5. I am/we are an investor conducting innovative activity within a technological park;
  6. I am/we are an entity that belongs to the National Key Cluster;
  7. I/we intend to allocate the loan proceeds to execution of a project that consists in marketing of a new/improved product, service or process, including implementation of proprietary or purchased results of R+D works, and within 3 years from completion of the project, I am/we are planning to achieve 30% growth of revenues;
  8. during the last 5 years I/we obtained venture capital investor or „business angel” financing innovative activity;
  9. during the last 3 financial years I/we incurred expenses for innovative activities equivalent to at least 10% of the revenues total for that period or, in case of an enterprise starting activity without financial history, for the current tax period;
  10. during the last 5 years I/we marketed a new/improved commodity, process or service and I/we recorded 30% growth of revenues in this period;
  11. during the last 3 years I/we used an innovative service provided by an accredited business support institution or took part in an acceleration programme;
  12. during the last 5 years I/we received and correctly used support within one of the European, domestic or regional business development support programmes, including R+D works or innovations;
  13. during the last 5 years, applying for co-financing under business development support programmes, also as regards R+D or innovations, I/we fulfilled the project selection criteria, which has been confirmed by the result of a technical assessment;
  14. during the last 5 years I/we received at least one of the nation-wide or international innovation awards;
  15. during the last 3 financial years I/we recorded an average 15% growth of revenues per year;
  16. during the last 3 years he became a technology recipient or donor through the Technology Transfer Platform;
  17. during the last 5 years I/we implemented a green investment with a biological effect.

When variant 2:
Borrower’s statement on fulfilment of at least 1 of the 10 below criteria for an investment project of pro-ecological innovation nature with ecological effect.

I/we declare that I/we will allocate the loan covered by the guarantee in question within the FG POIR portfolio guarantee line to financing execution of a project in at least one of the below areas:

  1. closed loop economy, including:

    - reduction of use of the original raw material – in absolute values or per product unit,
    - waste free technologies (WFT) and low-waste production technologies,
    - technologies limiting water consumption in production processes (in absolute values or per product unit) or closed water circulation systems,
    - infrastructure for selective waste collection,
    - waste recycling installations.
  2. electromobility (full scope of vehicles, taking into account single-track vehicles and collective transport, and production of components typical of electric vehicles);
  3. renewable energy sources;
  4. energy storage;
  5. production processes recovery installations, inter alai, for recovery of non-ferrous metals, chemicals substances, oils and fuels, and cellulose masses;
  6. alternative fuels production technologies;
  7. technologies for reduction of electric or thermal energy consumption (in absolute values or per product unit);
  8. thermal modernisation of residential and commercial buildings;
  9. co-generation investments;
  10. development of heating networks.

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