Green loan

Financing eco-friendly investments

Green loan

Are you planning an investment that will increase energy efficiency in your company? Are you going to transform your production facility to increase energy efficiency and use new technologies? Would you like to receive non-repayable support - an environmental bonus?

With a green loan from Bank Millennium you can:

  • carry out thermo-modernisation of the buildings you own and modernise the infrastructure of your company
  • finance up to 90% of the eligible expenses of an investment project
  • obtain co-financing from EU funds - ecological bonus granted by BGK
  • apply for partial payment of the ecological bonus already after 25% of the planned expenditure has been realised
  • repay part of the loan principal from the ecological bonus


  • With a green loan you can finance investments consisting in:

    • thermo-modernisation of existing buildings,
    • modernisation of infrastructure, including a fundamental change in the production process,
    • investments in renewable energy sources, as an additional element resulting from the recommendation of an energy audit.

    The investment can be financed if the implemented technology demonstrates primary energy savings of min. 30%.

    Examples of projects aimed at improving energy efficiency:

    • reconstruction or renovation of a building including installations and technical equipment,
    • modernisation or replacement of equipment, installations, networks, insulation of industrial installations,
    • energy recovery, including in particular the recovery of energy in industrial processes through the installation or modernisation of industrial or energy systems, equipment systems and processes,
    • the replacement of low-energy-efficient heat sources that use fuels (solid, liquid, gas) or electricity.
  • The duration of the loan depends on the type of investment project and the economic and financial situation of the customer and can be up to 10 years.

  • We only grant green loans in zloty.

  • The granting of the loan and its amount depend on the customer's creditworthiness and the amount of the eligible costs of the investment project.

  • A green loan can be obtained by an entrepreneur: micro, small and medium-sized, small mid-cap company within the meaning of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 651/2014 and mid-cap company within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2015/1017 of the European Parliament and of the Council, in the case of having a registered office on the territory of Poland.

  • You can repay the loan in accordance with the loan repayment schedule. You will repay part of the loan principal with the environmental bonus you receive.

  • The environmental bonus can be up to 80% of the eligible expenditure, which is granted in accordance with the level of support set out in the Decree of the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy of 15 November 2022 on granting public aid and de minimis aid with the participation of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego under the programme "European Funds for Modern Economy 2021-2027".

  • The deadlines for the call for applications in the competition are made available on its website by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

    Remember! The application for the environmental bonus must be accompanied by a credit promise or a conditional ecological credit agreement and an energy efficiency audit.

  • To apply for an environmental bonus:

    • submit an application for a loan promise or a conditional green loan agreement
    • submit an application for a subsidy to BGK
    • sign an ecological loan agreement, provided that you have previously submitted a loan promise together with the application for cofinancing to BGK
    • sign a co-financing agreement with BGK
    • implement at least 25% of the planned value of eligible expenditures of the investment project
    • submit a payment application to BGK.
  • According to the rules of green loan, the RES investment can be an additional element of the investment when it results from the recommendation of the energy audit.

  • Discuss the financing of non-eligible costs with our Advisor. You will agree with him/her the most convenient form of financing e.g. with an investment loan: Investment loan - Enterprises - Bank Millenniumlink otwiera się w nowym oknie.

Detailed information on the environmental bonus can be found at Green loan - BGKlink otwiera się w nowym oknie