Maintain company's financial liquidity during the pandemic

Benefit from the BGK Liquidity Guarantee Fund and secure loan repayment

About a loan with a guarantee from FGP

  • To maintain current liquidity

    The loan with a guarantee from the Liquidity Guarantee Fund of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) is intended to help companies maintain their current financial liquidity.

  • For medium and large enterprises

    A loan with a guarantee can be used by medium and large enterprises (residents employing 50 people and more and with revenues and/or balance sheet total of 10 million EUR and more).

  • Support under the Anti-Crisis Shield

    The Liquidity Guarantee Fund (FGP) established at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is part of the government's Anti-Crisis Shield and its purpose is to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 felt by entrepreneurs.

Loan benefits

Check what distinguishes a loan with a guarantee from the BGK Liquidity Guarantee Fund and what you can gain from it

  • the only BGK guarantee for large enterprises
  • high level of security in the form of guarantee up to 80% of the loan capital
  • high guarantee amount to 200 million PLN
  • the guarantee is also available to entrepreneurs who have used the aid limit under the de minimis guarantee (applies to medium-sized enterprises)

Key information

  • the loan is intended to ensure financial liquidity of the company

  • the loan is addressed to medium and large companies

  • the loan amount is up to 250 million PLN

  • the amount of the guarantee – to 200 milion PLN

  • collateral in the form of a guarantee may be covered by up to 80% of the loan capital

  • the maximum warranty period is 27 months (but not longer than the loan period + 3 months)

  • the guarantee is secured by a blank promissory note with a promissory note declaration

  • guarantees may cover loan agreements concluded until 30 June 2022

  • guarantees are a form of public aid

Frequently asked questions

For more information on guarantee from the Liquidity Guarantee Fund, please visit BGK website.