Green loan

Green your company and get a free environmental bonus.

Photovoltaic loan

Green financing for your green energy.

Technological loan

Take a technological loan and collect a non-repayable bonus.

Current account overdraft facility

Adjust incomes on your account to have money to cover various payments connected with the day-to-day operation of your business.

Real estate loan

Make use of the capital frozen in real estate and get long-term financing of current operations.

Revolving loan

Get additional money to pay your suppliers even more efficiently and be prepared for unexpected business expenses.

Working capital loan

Get extra funding to cover liabilities resulting from financing working assets.

Investment loan

Pursue long-term goals connected with the planned capital expenditure.

Multi-product line

Use many forms of financing even in several currencies under one agreement.

Loan with a de minimis guarantee (BGK programme)

Effectively collateralise loan repayment with a de minimis guarantee.

Investment loan with Ekomax guarantee

Investment loan with Ekomax guarantee with 20% subsidy from EU funds

Loans with Biznesmax Plus guarantee

Investment and working capital loans for innovative companies