Pay with Visa cards and get rebates

In the promotion users of Visa company cards can get attractive rebates from selected partners if they pay with Visa. Once every three months new offers will be published on the Visa website.

The current offers are the following:

  • Sixt Rent a Car – up to 10% off on car rental 
  • Auto Europe – up to 37% off on car rental  
  • Swissotel Hotels & Resorts and Raffles Hotels & Resorts – voucher for breakfast for two and and voucher for dinner worth USD 25 if you book online 
  • Park ‘n Fly  – rebates in many car parks located at the US airports (rebate level depends on the date and location) 
  • Oceania Cruises – two tickets in the price of one, free economy flight ticket (from selected locations) and voucher for USD 500 to be used during cruise.

Offers are valid till 31 December 2018. You do not have to register to get them.

Details of promotion organized by Visa, its conditions and offer regulations are available on

Get the promo offers now!

About the product

Charge cards are a service for companies looking for a state-of-the-art solution for owners and employees whose business responsibilities require frequent travelling, representing the company and paying for the expenses related to current activity of the company. Within the set limit you may make card payments, withdraw cash from ATMs and make remote transactions (over the phone or online), such as hotel or flight booking. The card debt is repaid at the date chosen by your company. Charge cards offer additional benefits that facilitate travelling, inter alia, assistance in case of illness, accident and other random events. The scope of additional benefits depends on the type of the card: Millennium MasterCard Corporate, Millennium Visa Executive Silver, Millennium Visa Executive Gold.


  • Control of expenses thanks to individual card limits.
  • Limitation of the costs of cash transactions at your company.
  • Even 19-day interest-free period for debt repayment.
  • Possibility to immediately increase the available funds.
  • Online transactions secured with 3D Secure technology.
  • Expense management via the Millenet online banking system and transaction reports.
  • Discounts under the programme „Inspiracje" and online shops under ofert Visa.



Inspirations programme

Paying with a Millennium cards in stores as well as various service outlets you can enjoy attractive rebates. Currently there are close to 1 000 merchants who will give you the rebate!

Channels of access to product information


Wherever you are, with internet access, you can check account balances and history on a 7/24 basis, also viewing information concerning other products i.e.: cards, loans, guarantees and letters of credit, standing orders or term deposits.

Corporate Branch

Get detailed information about Bank Millennium products by contacting Advisors in the Corporate Banking network.

Contact with Advisor

By phone

Our Consultants will provide you with detailed information and will carry out your instructions. 

801 31 31 31
line available for fixed-line and mobile calls

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Settlement account

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Convenient 7/24 banking.

Questions and answers

  • 1. What should I do to receive Bank Millennium's charge cards?

    Millennium MasterCard Corporate, Millennium Visa Executive Silver, Millennium Visa Executive Gold charge cards can be applied for exclusively by holder of current account at Bank Millennium. The account holder concludes with the Bank a master agreement for bank accounts and services and then applies for charge cards, stating the data of the card users and proposed spending limits for each of the cards. There is no need to conclude a separate agreement for issuance and use of cards. The condition for issuance of charge cards is positive assessment of the entrepreneur's credit capacity performed by the Bank.

  • 2. How can I establish PIN for card?

    Upon receipt of the card, user should sign it and immediately define the card's PIN. In order to assign PIN to the card, you should contact TeleMillennium, select 0 option („Connect with the consultant") or 1 („Card activation and cancellation"). Following verification, the user will be switched to automatic service where he will define his PIN for the card.

  • 3. How to activate your card?

    Card is activated automatically during execution of the first operation with use of correct predefined PIN code. It is recommended that the first transaction be a card operation at Bank Millennium's ATM. During the first transaction, the Bank's system automatically performs a number of parameter-setting operations on the card, while performance of transactions at the Bank's ATM warrants their correct execution. It is of special importance if the card is to be used also abroad.

  • 4. Where can I perform card transactions?

    Millennium MasterCard Corporate, Millennium Visa Executive Silver, Millennium Visa Executive Gold charge cards are international payment cards which support domestic and international:

    • payments for goods and services purchased at points of sales with Visa/MasterCard logo,
    • payments for goods and services purchased without physical use of the card (for instance, in case of telephone, mail or online orders),
    • cash withdrawals at banks and ATMs with Visa/MasterCard logo.

  • 5. What does settlement of card operations and card debt repayment consist in?

    All the card operations are settled on an on-going basis on the account to which the card was issued. If the transaction currency is different from the currency of the account, then the currency is converted in accordance with the principles described in detail in the Regulations on charge card issuance and use for Corporate Banking Customers at Bank Millennium S.A.

    Charge card is settled within the settlement cycle. Customer can choose one out of three settlement cycles and, depending on the selected settlement cycle, from one to three options of card repayment dates. Depending on the option selected by the Customer, the Customer's settlement account is debited with the amount of the total card debt automatically on the following dates:

    • 6 days after closing weekly settlement cycle or
    • 6 or 13 days after closing bi-weekly settlement cycle or
    • 6, 13 or 19 days after closing monthly settlement cycle.

    The amount of the total card debt is the amount that covers the value of the transactions made with the card and settled by the Bank in a given settlement cycle and fees and commissions related to the card use, due to the Bank, less repayments made on the card account. The amount of the card debt debits automatically the account identified by the Customer in his charge card application.

    Customer may repay earlier the utilised card limit in part or in full. Funds booked on the card account are immediately available for re-use. It means that through earlier repayment the Customer may immediately increase the balance of funds available for card payments. Number of the account for earlier repayment of the charge card is presented on a detailed list of transactions sent after completion of the settlement cycle.

    Customer receives information about his card transactions, total debt as well as card repayment date in the form of a collective list of transactions performed on all the cards and additionally in the form of separate detailed transaction lists for each card.

  • 6. What should you do if I lost my card?

    If the card has been stolen or lost, you should cancel it immediately:

    • over the phone at +48 22 598 41 14 – 24/7 service or
    • at any Bank Millennium's outlet.

    For card cancellation you may also use a dedicated nationwide number +48 828 828 828.

  • 7. What does security for online card payments with 3D Secure technology consist in?

    3D Secure service ensures the highest security levels for remote transactions, i.e. transactions without physical card presentation. 3D Secure transactions are executed with use of additional security in the form of authorisation with single SMS P@sswords. When making card payment, for instance, in an online shop, the Bank may send a single-use, secure SMS P@ssword to the mobile phone number defined by the card user with request to enter it on a dedicated and secured website. All the financial data are then transferred to a secure authentication server, where the card used is verified.

    3D-Secure service may be used by each Bank Millennium's Corporate Banking Customer with active payment card issued by the Bank, upon prior definition of the mobile phone number for this service. This number may be defined:

    • in the Millenet online banking system or
    • via TeleMillennium: 801 31 31 31 (for fixed line phones) or +48 22 598 41 61 (when calling from mobile phones or from outside of Poland) – select the language of the service and then option „Change or assignment of the mobile phone number for 3D Secure service".